Elefun Review

Elefun has, apparently, been doing the rounds for years. I was first made aware of it last summer when, thanks to the joys of commercial television, it became a “must have” on the birthday list of my five year-old nephew. It was also heavily marketed at Christmas on all the children’s channels and seems to

How to Play Beleagured Castle Solitaire

Beleaguered Castle is a one-pack solitaire game (“patience” on the British side of the Pond) that needs careful thought to make it come out, as well as the usual slice of good fortune! Take the four aces and place them in a column. These will be the bases on which you will build each suit

Munchkin Classes

Everybody’s gotta have a job. Gotta pay those bills by slayin’ those monsters, and if you’re gonna slay those monsters people need to know what you are. Can’t fit into a party without some class. Munchkin is more or less the same. You don’t NEED a class, but chances are good during a game you’ll

How to use a Drop Spindle

The most basic piece of equipment needed to turn fleece into yarn is a drop spindle. This device has changed little in design over the centuries, proving that simplicity of use is at its core. Knowing how to spin yarn using a drop spindle will give you the opportunity to experiment with different yarns in

Game Idea for the Entire Family Kite Flying

There are few things that are more freeing than a flying a kite on a nice breezy day. Kite flying is the type of activity that the whole family can get involved in, and children of all ages enjoy watching that little shape of material dance around the sky. Even with our technologically advance society,

Civilization Bismarck

Though not necessarily the most famous German leader on the block (or perhaps the candidate should instead be known as ‘infamous’), Bismarck nevertheless had a significant impact on German history – enough so that he wound up with the job of representing his nation in Civilization IV. Definitely a noteworthy accolade. Appearing in the main

Pirate Toys

There are a lot of characters in shows and movies that revolve around pirates. This is one of the most popular interests for little boys and girls, and you will find a wide variety of products to go with it. There are many different toys that you can choose to get for a child with

How to become a better Texas Holdem Player

How to become a better Texas Hold’Em player By no surprise the best way to become a better hold’emplayer is practice, practice, and practice. There is no substitution for the amount of hours spent at a poker tablelearning and adjusting one’s game strategy. It has to be noticed that the word practice can be vague and a

Tips for Sewing with Leather and Suede

Tips for Sewing Leather or Suede Because leather or suede comes in many sizes and thickness it requires special care when sewing. Whether you are repairing leather or making something new it can be sewn by hand or by machine, but you should use a special needle to make the job easier and look nicer.

Dairy Dash Review

If living on a farm and raising animals has always been your dream, Dairy Dash by Playfirst is an enjoyable light-hearted game that is in the same genre as other “Dash” games. One of the most positive aspects of this game is that it really does a standout job of tutoring the player to play