Are you still working on the perfect tan? Stop. Now.

Growing up in New Jersey in the 1970s, it seemed like there was no such thing as sunscreen. Sure, Bain de Soleil had an SPF 4 or something like that—the highest sun-protection factor you could find was still in the single digits—but my friends and I slathered on the dark tanning oil, determined to achieve the “San Tropez Tan” that the product promised. Several of my friends slicked on baby oil instead, and then surrounded themselves with tin-foil reflectors to maximize the sun exposure.

Fast forward a few decades. The link between tanning and skin cancer is so well understood that little-kid swimwear comes in long-sleeved styles. Some sunscreens are so thick that they sit on your skin like chalky armor; the SPF numbers are higher than most kindergarteners can count. And yet, many people—especially young women and teenage girls—remain convinced that the key to a healthy look is an all-over bronze sheen. And spray-on or lotion-based fake tans don’t cut it; they want the real UV-ray deal, and they’re willing to ignore the risk of skin cancer to get it—even women for whom melanoma runs in the family.

A BMC Health survey of 500 people who were considered “at risk” for melanoma because they had a family history of that type of cancer found that young women were most likely not to use sunscreen, because they believe that being tan is healthy.

“I don’t usually use sunscreen because I really don’t burn. I like being tan,” Sara Marinelli, 16, of Long Island, told the NY Daily News. She said that she doesn’t use sunscreen at all.

Blame “Jersey Shore”—or at least Snooki, who last year told Jay Leno that she wanted to “change the world” by having a tanning bed installed in every U.S. home and who appears on MTV performing “Snookifications” on 11-year-olds.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 58,000 people in the U.S. developed skin cancer and 8.461 people died from melanomas of the skin in 2007, the most-recent year for which data is available. But, rather than avoid the sun or apply a high SPF product properly, young women seem more concerned about getting that perfect base tan—and then deepening the sun damage in order to feel pretty.

“I use sunscreen on the first day so I don’t burn,” Natasa Bilbija, 24, of Toronto, Canada. “Then I use tanning oil. You just look better with a tan. It gives you a shiny glow.”

Holistic Lifestyle Coach On the advantages Of The South Beach Diet Phase 2

Are you hearing regarding the south beach diet section 1? once you are seen to common health forums or are a member of a dieting or wellness organization, then you may have doubtless heard of this before. the quality concept of the Phase 2 is to stay a healthy diet of common food staples aided by a revolutionary sort of sections to assist phase out the wishes that your body encounters from an unhealthy plan. This has tested to be terribly effective in enabling people to drop some weight and keep it off. the subsequent directions below are attending to walk you thru lots of the benefits of this plan and a lot of notably the primary section of the diet.

The advantages of the Phase 2 are exceptional. the most effective a part of this stage is that it trains your system while not you even realizing it. How it works is by practically fooling the body into having wishes for wise food that may be smart and on the opposite hand eliminates a number of the wishes that are commonly related to a bad-eating set up. Here is that the answer to long-term weight loss success. The program and specifically section one of the diet have proven to be extremely powerful in doing this.

The a part of the section is clearly the food. the good factor regarding this diet hostile others is that it’s quite easy for several individuals to form the amendment from their previous diets. it’s as a result of the foods that are proposed throughout the section one of this program are the foods that nearly all individuals already love. Some foods that you just ought to consume over the primary section embody chicken, beef, fish, turkey, nuts, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. When it’s additionally counseled to eat garden salad get solely 100 percent olive oil as a dressing. The diet recommends that through this explicit stage you wish to eat 3 meals every day and fully quit having sugary foods or the other foods aside from the recommendations started out by the primary section of the diet.
Perhaps the foremost necessary a part of this diet is that the incontrovertible fact that you’re gently getting down to train your body to quit having probing for sugary foods and different junk foods. different diets commonly cause you to shed excess weight by depriving the body of food. However with the section one you’re indeed doing quite the alternative. within the course of section one you’ll eat 3 meals per day furthermore as a snack in between meals. this is often crucial to the success of the diet. you’ll additionally drink low and tea throughout this section.

The big changes that you’ll be making throughout this era is eliminating foods like potatoes, bread, rice, fruit, baked merchandise, candy, cookies, ice cream, and different foods that consist a high concentration of glucose. As long as you create positive that you just keep on with the Phase 2 you’re assured to be on the thanks to success and reach all of your weight loss goals.

Koya Webb is an affable and hopeful model, athlete, celebrity, and holistic lifestyle coach who believes that balance is that the secret to a cheerful life. Koya’s Raw food diet furthermore as Fitness coaching on-line could be a program designed to enhance well-being and health by customized fitness and holistic nutrition plans.

What Is Sucralose

Now, we are going to discuss what is sucralose. In this age of fast food, it is becoming crucial that people have control on their calorie intake. Based on food health, calories not only make one fat but also increase the risk of heart diseases. Everyone loves baked products or sweets. We all take tea or coffee every day. Most of us use sugar as a sweetener. Sugar has a high-calorie rating. It is also a no go for the diabetics. The number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day. So we need an alternate sweetener to sugar. We already have saccharin, but have some side effects. This is where sucralose comes into play. So one may ask what actually this one is.

This substance is an artificial sweetener. The human body cannot break down sucralose. Because of this it does not increase the calories in the human body. It is known to be nearly 600% sweeter than normal sugar. It is soluble in water. Sucralose can be used for baking. And it is stable under heat. It is widely used now and tastes better than the other sweeteners. It as well provides more stability and safety over other products. It is a wise choice to use this substance as it is usually safer. It was discovered in the 1970s by scientists of the Tate & Tyle. It was discovered in the Queen Elizabeth College which is now a part of the King’s college London.

Sucralose was first approved to be used in Canada followed by Australia. The use is increasing day by day. It is now used in more than 4500 foods and beverages around 80 countries around the globe. It is calorie free, and it does not affect dental cavities or any problems associated with tenths. It is tested and approved safe for diabetic patients. There are not any dangerous side effects of Sucralose that we know of yet.

Incorporate Box Jumps Exercises in Your Vertical Jump Workout

If you are serious about performing the best vertical jump exercises to increase your height naturally, including box jumps exercises, you need to be squatting tough as part of the routine. Notice I mentioned “hard” not “recklessly”

Rule #1 – Use a spotting partner (or two). If you are going to train hard, and preferably to failure at the finish of a set, you need to realize that you could do so and still get the weight back up on the stands afterwards. In case you don’t use partners, the temptation is going to be to exercise slightly less intensely than you may in order to get the weight back up on the final push. Grab a couple of buddies to get a few minutes and get them to be your backstop. Return the favor also, and they’ll gladly oblige. The square frame identified because the Energy Rack could be a reside buddy substitute, however the Smith machine can truly decrease the effectiveness on the exercise and isn’t ideal.

Rule #2 – Tend not to bounce at the end (squatted) element of the exercise. You may perform a deep squat, past the point of quads parallel to the ground safely and without damaging your knee ligaments as long as you do not bounce back up once more. You will need to hold the strain on your muscles, and away from your joints as significantly as possible. Plyometric and box jumps involve a various type of movement and are valid vertical jump exercises, but they aren’t performed using a heavy bar so do not use explosive and ballistic movements when squatting.

Rule #3 – Use a weightlifter’s belt to assistance your lower back. Having a great skeletal alignment (ie. being upright) will help the bar and keep the pressure within the right places. The squat exercise, when accomplished appropriately should place key anxiety in your quadriceps, glutes but additionally on the erector spinae, which extend all through the lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions inside the groove to the side on the vertebral column. There is a little of controversy about the effectiveness of weightlifting belts, but for the small cost of a belt as well as the fact that they don’t lead to injury makes them a security preferred.

Rule #4 – Stretch your quadriceps, which might be accomplished with box jumps exercises, and get the blood flowing to raise the muscle fiber temperature before beginning. This can be a nice simple movement to consist of – only squat without a weight for 4 sets of thirty seconds each. As in the weighted version, turn your toes slightly outwards and do not bounce your knees. Your objective is not to cost up and lengthen your hips, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Rule #5 – Repetition will be the mother of skill, but those reps require to be carried out ideal very first time each time. A great way to do that safely is making use of the wall hug system. This demands no weight and allows you to create fantastic kind just before the poundage on the bar increases. Stand facing a wall together with your feet just a little greater than shoulder width apart, toes angled out and touching the wall. Raise your hands to ear level and spot your palms against the wall and move your chin to the wall. Now squat down as low as you are able to without falling backwards. The reference points of chin and toes against the wall mean that you simply have to execute the exercise using a straight back and knees in line using the toes. Ask a buddy to critique your form, paying close interest to the straightness of the back and alignment of your knees.

Squats are a supreme lower body exercise, and an absolute need to as a vertical jump exercise. As I stated at the start off, it’s a pity that additional people don’t perform them, as they will add energy and driving force to your thighs. In the risk of repeating myself, train challenging, train intelligently and train safely. Now go do it!

If you’ve got heavy weight and high excellent squatting down, plus box jumps exercises, then you’re on your way to getting an incredible vertical jump exercise system.

The Ski Jump Exercise of the Wii Fit

You will discover several fitness programs, machines, and exercise aids on industry. Some are really beneficial, some are of dubious benefit, some are scams, and some are just plain silly. It has to be a marketing rule that nobody ever goes broke selling fitness schemes. It is not clear however into which category the Wii Fit falls, which gives its personal version of ski jump exercise.

Individuals who at the moment own a Wii console claim that is definitely the greatest invention considering the fact that writing. It creates a virtual planet for the whole family members. With our body motions we are able to control characters on the TV screen. Complete households can now go bowling, drive race vehicles, play a guitar, and appreciate a lot of other activities employing the Wii controllers and certain physique movements devoid of ever leaving house.
The most recent entry into the virtual world of Wii is definitely the Wii fitness system. Yes, a fitness program. The Wii designers figured that the Wii console had every person up and moving currently, so they introduced an attachment for the Wii referred to as Wii Fit. The Wii Fit, which looks like a flat board, allows Wii customers to perform several exercises and get themselves into shape.

As with any exercise machine or device, there’s an upfront cost. The Wii Fit board fees about $90. When you do not have $90, it really is as well pricey. If you do, then it is affordable. It seems, so far, that numerous persons have located it to be a reasonably priced device for keeping family fitness due to its many modified exercise routines incorporated, such as the ski jump exercise. There is certainly one caution, having said that. In case you weight greater than 330 pounds, the Wii Fit board cannot hold you. If you’re below that generous limit, having said that, feel free of charge to go at it.

The Wii Fit does offer quite a few valuable exercises to assistance preserve you in shape. One particular of your additional interesting exercise challenges may be the Wii Fit Ski Jump. You’ve no doubt observed Olympic skiers flying off the end of a ski jump, and possibly been glad that it wasn’t you plummeting toward oblivion, but now, thanks to Wii, you may attempt it at residence. You are able to recognize the fitness rewards with no incurring the dangers. The Wii Fit board senses your movements as you squat careening down the virtual slope, and senses you are jumping as you leave the virtual ski jump; showing it all on the TV screen.

With all tongue and cheek humor set aside, the Wii Fit board actually does enable 1 to increase balance, strengthen abs, and work other essential muscle groups by way of its ski jump exercise version and other modified type of a variety of exercise routines. It isn’t, even so, a total workout plan. It is an entertaining way to get some beneficial exercise, and is far superior in regards to general wellness, than the typical laptop game that supplies no fitness advantages at all.

Recipe Review Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Since I am new to truly clean eating and constantly trying new recipes I figured I would come up with a new post segment (sounds fancy, huh) for reviewing the recipes I try.  Typically I modify recipes I find online to accommodate my personal taste and use the items I have on hand.  In order to really review a recipe, I will be following the recipe according to the directions using all the listed ingredients.

I am open to take suggestions if you see a recipe you are interested in having reviewed, even if it is your own.  The only caveat is that it must be clean.

The very first recipe is from Weelicious for a Chocolate Zucchini Bread.  In my inbox this morning I saw this lovely email (since I’m a subscriber) about this tempting treat.  I have never tried regular non-chocolate zucchini bread because my mom hates zucchini and I never thought of making it until today.

Is Your Doctor Just Guessing

That’s the question that Time Magazine asks in their excellent article, “Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches?” They take a critical look at our healthcare system and how prescription drugs are being used (or misused). For example:

Many doctors used to give anti-arrhythmia drugs to everyone who experienced irregular heartbeats after a heart attack because severely irregular beats could rapidly prove fatal. But then came the results of a randomized trial showing that patients with only mildly irregular heartbeats were more likely to die if given the anti-arrhythmia medication than their untreated counterparts were.

They explore similar problems with cholesterol-lowering medications and hormone-replacement drugs. This is an extremely important topic, and I’m really glad Time did this piece.

Evidence-based medicine has the potential to vastly improve our healthcare system. It could also play a major role in making our healthcare system more efficient and affordable, which is going to be increasingly important over the next few years.

Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches? – Link to article on, highly recommended reading!

New Evidence Shows Echinacea Does Work

A few years ago the media triumphantly pronounced that Echinacea was ineffective, after a poorly designed study involving low-quality echinacea and an extremely artificial situation environment was released.

A new report, however, presents strong evidence to the contrary.  Researchers examined the results of 14 previous studies.  They found that echinacea cut the risk of catching a cold by an impressive 58% and shortened the cold’s duration by 1.4 days on average.

Seattle Times Article – Good overview of the new study.
Dr. Foster Piece – Well known MD argues that the original study was biased.

PAH Nation returns to Motown this Summer!

Just a record for PAH news on 2008-07-09

PAH Nation returns to Madonna University in Livonia, MI to present our annual PAH-FEST Motown (July 14-21). With PAH-FEST’s huge success with Motown, Madonna is the first successful franchise, where the festival runs independently with supervision from PAH Nation headquarters in Hollywood. In addition to Mobiflicks, Cell Phone Art, DigiPortraits, and Tone Poem, the festival will feature seminars, speakers and live Second Life webcasts.

Motown Festival Director, Sue Boyd, said “Four students from Madonna University participated in the first PAH-FEST in Grants, New Mexico where they grew not only as film makers, but as people. It seemed a natural progression to have our own PAH-FEST and with the guidance of Christopher Coppola and his entire PAH Nation team we are holding our second PAH-FEST this year. With his support of our Broadcast and Cinema Arts program, Christopher has lent his vision as a film maker to many aspiring students. PAH-FEST gives us the opportunity to help others with this same passion of storytelling. We believe our little PAH seed is taking root and the stories we are sharing with our community is testament to what PAH is all about.”

Winners of PAH-FEST: Motown ’08

Just a record for PAH news on 2008-07-21

This past week (July 14-21), PAH Nation presented its second annual festival, PAH-FEST Motown, at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. The festival went without a hitch, featuring stories that reflected the community, as well as seminars, speakers and live webcasts that brought the community together on campus. PAH Nation also presented its first Spirit Award to Madonna University for becoming a successful franchise. We congratulate the winners of the festival, who all received cash prizes:

Mobiflick: “Esperanza” by Team Risk

Circus Vision by Rozell Clay

Cellphone Art by Mary Fairgrieve

DigiPortrait by Nancy Boyd and Meghan Griesbeck

Tone Poem by Lisa Dorrough

Best Mobiflick Original Score by Joseph Stevenson for Team Granny Panties

Ears XXI Artistic Award by Uncle Len and the Boyz by Kofi Royal