An Introduction to the Company of Heroes Game Series

Company of Heroes is a game series which has lots of fans, as the original game was one of the most exciting of 2006. The Company of Heroes game series currently only has a few games to date. However, with Company of Heroes 2 set to expand the series, there’s certainly plenty to come. The

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Ebonblade Reaper

“Ebonblade Reaper” is a 1/1 black human cleric printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  This is a rather interesting card in which you could possibly mess up your opponent’s momentum.  At the same time, the Ebonblade Reaper is one of those double-edged sword cards.  Ebonblade Reaper is

Magic the Gathering Sphinxs Herald

“Sphinx’s Herald” is a 1/1 blue vedalken wizard printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Shards of Alara.” This is one of the types of cards printed which forces you to play certain colors and have a certain card in your deck. If not, you will not get anything

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Feeding Frenzy

“Feeding Frenzy” is a black instant printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  This is the type of card that you would want to have in a zombie deck for the most part.  As long as you are playing with zombies, you will definitely get a lot out

Guide to Collecting Sea Glass

Sea glass usually began its life as a piece of unwanted trash. A bottle or some other object made of glass somehow found it’s way into a lake or ocean. After being broken, pushed around by waves, scoured by sand and exposed to the sun, it is deposited on beaches as small bits of frosted

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Daru Encampment

“Daru Encampment” is a non-basic land printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  So far, this is a pretty decent card provided that you are playing with soldiers.  You will want to play a soldier deck with white mana in order to get use out of the Daru

Comics Collection Hobby Archie Comics Childhood

      Comics?  If you’re reading this then you’re starting off on the right foot.  If you are at a bookstore or book sale and you are browsing through the comics area, then you are interested in comics.  Ready to start your collection?  Know first what interests you.       Ask yourself:  “Do I like super heroes? 

Video Game Previews Company of Heroes 2

Yes it’s official, there is to be a Company of Heroes 2! Relic and THQ have confirmed as such, and there’s even a Company of Heroes 2 website. After a strong showing at E3 it’s one of the most exciting upcoming Window’s game titles. The first Company of Heroes game was based on the western

How to Organize a Lego Collection

Organizing a Lego brick collection can be quite a daunting task, especially if it contains thousands of bricks. Whether you are a professional seller or casually build, it is a good idea to organize your pieces so you know where they all are. If you are going be selling your bricks online, you should catalog

Pkr Review

The main appeal of PKR is the advanced graphics and embellished game play; however, for me, PKR kind of misses the point. PKR wants to make online poker like real poker. Its mission appears to be to make you feel more and more like you’re sitting at a real table in a real casino. But