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Mystery Case File Return to Ravenhurst

I’m a longtime fan of the Mystery Case Files. I originally played and viewed the first one the day it was released. I’ve waited for each new addition to the Mystery Case Files family since that time. When you consider that my favorite holiday is Halloween, it’s no surprise that Ravenhearst was my favorite of

Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhurst PC Game Review

Have you ever been bored to tears, with a love of puzzle games, and couldn’t find anything new and exiting to pass the time? Well Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst for the PC could be the way to go. Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst is the sequel to Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst and

Video Game Reviews Civ Online

Civ online is a civilization style empire building game that you can play entirely through your web browser. The game requires no downloads and is completely free to play. Game Play Civ online is a great strategy game and very fun to play. There are many buildings to construct and technologies to research as you

Downloadable Game Review new Star Soccer

In “New Star Soccer 4,” the first thing you are going to want to do is to design your player. Height, weight, age, hair color, soccer position, and soccer abilities are things you can decide about your player. Depending upon the height and weight of your player, certain things such as strength and acceleration will

Video Game Reviews Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Arcade

Around 2005, SNK-Playmore had released this interesting game. In a sense, this is pretty much a crossover. However, it was not really a full crossover in a sense. So far, it seems that it was in SNK’s best interests to partake in crossover series. Such crossovers were “Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Battle 2000,” “Capcom vs.

Video Game Reviews the Rumble Fish Arcade

In the early 1990s, Capcom and SNK were strong rivals against each other in the world of 2D fighting games. In late 1999, Arc System Works jumped into the fray with the help of Atlus to come up with the game called “Guilty Gear.” As a result, Guilty Gear became a very successful series. Arc

Review of Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhurst

Mystery case files: Return to Ravenhurst is a puzzle game, similar to the point and click adventures that were common a decade ago when graphics had reached a level where you could have pictures but not interact with them. I’m glad there are still people making simple games. The primary puzzle is picture filled with

Video Game Reviews Fatal Fury 3 Road to the Final Victory Arcade

Over the years, SNK has remained a successful and formidable rival against Capcom in the world of 2D fighting games. One of SNK’s most popular fighting game series happens to be “Fatal Fury.” In 1995, SNK would develop and publish “Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory.” So far, the game is rather interesting

Video Game Reviews Free Farm Game Online

Free Farm Game is a farm simulation game that allows you to build up a farm from the ground up. You start with a few buildings and fields and slowly over time build a thriving farm. Game Play Free Farm Game may have a very bad title but the game play in this simulation game

Mystery Case Fles Return to Ravenhearst Game Revew

Rate 5 out of 5 Mystery Case Files: Return To Ravenhearst is the sequel to the original Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. While one soul has been freed, others are still trapped by evil. Search the grounds for clues to the mystery. Use the interactive tools to unlock doors and uncover other secret places. Solve the

Core Game Review Core Ds Game Review Core Ds Review Core Review

Finally, after over half a year of waiting, the much anticipated FPS for the Nintendo DS, C.O.R.E., is finally to be released on August 17th. Luckily enough for flash card users such as me, the rom has already been dumped and is ready to play. The game loads with the logo of Graffiti entertainment and

Hosptal Hustle Game Revew

Rate 3 out of 5 Hospital Hustle is a customer service game. Just graduated from Medical School, it is time to start working. As the nurse, direct the patients to get diagnosed, pick up charts, dispense medicine, and clean up after the patients. Purchase upgrades and increase salaries to speed up the staff. Reach the

Starcraft Broodwar Game Review

Created as an expansion to what was already hailed as one of the greatest games in its time, Starcraft: Broodwar continues the military, RTS (real time strategy) legacy left by its predecessor. The game includes many new and exciting additions to each of the three races introduced in Starcraft including the Terran Medic, Zerg Lurker,

Review of Kukoo Kitchen

3/5 Fast food in space? That’s the idea of this downloadable game for PC’s. Except you don’t have to eat it; you just have to get the customer orders out the hatc h- quickly and accurately! Kukoo Kitchen follows the the efforts of a space entrepreneur named Jessica, who has prepared fast food for space

Sherwood Dungeon Online

Sherwood Dungeon is a free MMO game that features dungeon combat on a 3D game map. The game is browser based and runs on the shockwave player which is all you need to play the game through your browser. Game Play The game features a castle and several portals that grant you access to areas

Minione Racing Game Free to try Free of Fun vs Tiny Trucks Tiny Entertainment

“MiniOne Racing” by Fro Games features off-road trucks and futuristic flying saucers reduced down to tiny little toys that face-off in winner-takes-all competitions at break-plastic-army-man-speeds around funkadelic and weirded-out colorful tracks. It’s a recipe for fun, right? Just take something awesome in real life, shrink it down, funk it out, and hold on tight! It’s

Video Game Reviews Ganryu Arcade

In 1999, a company called Visco developed a 2D side-scrolling platform game called “Ganryu.” The other title is known as “Musashi Ganryuki.” Interestingly enough, this is something that is based off the famous swordsman known as Miyamoto Musashi. He is known for defeating Kojiro Sasaki using a boat’s oar. So far, this is a game

The Frozen Throne Game Review

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is most definitely the best RTS, Real Time Strategy, game of all Time. With its creative and original campaign mode, its addicting online gameplay, its admirable music, and its character’s great voice acting, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is able to surpass its fellow competing RTS games by miles of

New Soccer Star 4 Review

Score: 2/5 New Soccer Star 4 is (as the name implies) a soccer simulation with plenty of activities to keep you busy on and off the field. If you simply judged this game by appearances, you would probably pass it by in lieu of games with better graphics, controls, and sound. If you are searching

Video Games Reviews Fight Fever Arcade

Around the early 1990s, Capcom released “Street Fighter II” which had become quite the popular 2D fighting game. Many other companies jumped on the bandwagon to create their own versions. Most of the companies had failed miserably. However, SNK became a formidable rival with all sorts of different fighting games. During that time, SNK created

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