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Incorporate Box Jumps Exercises in Your Vertical Jump Workout

If you are serious about performing the best vertical jump exercises to increase your height naturally, including box jumps exercises, you need to be squatting tough as part of the routine. Notice I mentioned “hard” not “recklessly” Rule #1 – Use a spotting partner (or two). If you are going to train hard, and preferably

The Ski Jump Exercise of the Wii Fit

You will discover several fitness programs, machines, and exercise aids on industry. Some are really beneficial, some are of dubious benefit, some are scams, and some are just plain silly. It has to be a marketing rule that nobody ever goes broke selling fitness schemes. It is not clear however into which category the Wii

Recipe Review Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Since I am new to truly clean eating and constantly trying new recipes I figured I would come up with a new post segment (sounds fancy, huh) for reviewing the recipes I try.  Typically I modify recipes I find online to accommodate my personal taste and use the items I have on hand.  In order

Is Your Doctor Just Guessing

That’s the question that Time Magazine asks in their excellent article, “Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches?” They take a critical look at our healthcare system and how prescription drugs are being used (or misused). For example: Many doctors used to give anti-arrhythmia drugs to everyone who experienced irregular heartbeats after a heart attack because severely

New Evidence Shows Echinacea Does Work

A few years ago the media triumphantly pronounced that Echinacea was ineffective, after a poorly designed study involving low-quality echinacea and an extremely artificial situation environment was released. A new report, however, presents strong evidence to the contrary.  Researchers examined the results of 14 previous studies.  They found that echinacea cut the risk of catching

PAH Nation returns to Motown this Summer!

Just a record for PAH news on 2008-07-09 PAH Nation returns to Madonna University in Livonia, MI to present our annual PAH-FEST Motown (July 14-21). With PAH-FEST’s huge success with Motown, Madonna is the first successful franchise, where the festival runs independently with supervision from PAH Nation headquarters in Hollywood. In addition to Mobiflicks, Cell

Winners of PAH-FEST: Motown ’08

Just a record for PAH news on 2008-07-21 This past week (July 14-21), PAH Nation presented its second annual festival, PAH-FEST Motown, at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. The festival went without a hitch, featuring stories that reflected the community, as well as seminars, speakers and live webcasts that brought the community together on campus.