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Board Game Reviews Balderdash

Finally, a game made just for me. Where the art of BS is appreciated and, in fact, rewarding. Balderdash is a multiplayer game promoted as a ‘bluffing’ game. Sure, there are elements of the bluff involved, but ultimately, it is the gift of the gab, a quick, creative mind and the ability to spin a

How to Make a Tube Skirt

The Tube: A Simple Skirt Anyone Can Sew Warm weather requires cool clothing and nothing’s cooler than knits; not the heavy sweater knits worn in colder weather, but the kind used to make T-shirts. Not only is this knit inexpensive to buy, it’s perfect for easy-to-sew tube skirts. Tubes skirts are cool to wear and when

Sew Blanket

How to Sew a Lightweight Blanket in 30 Minutes You will need: •  Sewing machine • 1 yard lightweight cotton • 1 yard coordinating flannel • Scissors • Pins • Measuring utensil • Iron • sewing table Before you start making the blanket, be sure to pre-wash and preshrink the fabric. Iron out the ends using the selvage ends as a guide because

The History of the Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly actually had it’s beginnings in 1904 with a woman named Lizzie Magee. She patented a game called The Landlords Game in this year. The game was based on Henry George’s theory of a single land tax, and was intended to show the evils of taxation and land ownership. Although published versions of the didn’t

Knitting Winter Blues how Knitting can help the Winter Blues

Winter can be a very depressive and blue season for people.  The shorter days and lack of sunshine can really take a toll on a person.  It becomes vitally important to make sure to find ways to fight off the winter blues and one of the best ways to do this is to knit. Knitting

Is Chess a Waste of Time and Intelligence – No

It is not mere chance that so many books have been written over the years about chess and that so many people around the world choose to spend their time on this activity. Chess is a type of game that can become a lot more than just a simple hobby to kill time. It is

How Knitting Helps you to Fight the Winter Blues

Suffering from the winter blues is commonplace. The dark nights and the lack of light during the day can heighten depression and anxiety. Knitting is one way of combating those winter blues. Knitting like any hobby is absorbing and whilst concentrating on a knitting pattern the winter blues take a back seat. Sitting down and

Origins of Check Mate

Chess is a game of war, so it is not surprising that the word checkmate would relate to the demise of the central piece, the king. The game itself is ancient and not for the idly amused, maintaining a solid following for over 1,500 years. Monopoly and Backgammon are mere adolescents in comparison. Chess remains

A Guide to Antique Singer Sewing Machines

The original Singer Sewing Machine company was formed in 1851, to produce machines which were made to their patented design for a lock-stitch sewing machine. The model was less heavy than predecessors in the sewing industry and suitable for home use. Made in wrought iron and highly ornate, the machine had a larger bed than

An Overview of Small Needle Crochet

One of the most enjoyable and satisfying indoor hobbies is needle crocheting. With needle crochet, you are able to create beautiful home decor items, such as doilies, bedspreads and tablecloths. You can also make gift items such as bookmarks.    Many people already know how to crochet with large needles; making afghans is a tremendously popular

Making a no Sew Blanket no Sew Fleece Blanket no Sew Projects no Sew Blankets

Making no sew blankets can be an easy, rewarding project.  The easiest type of no sew blanket is one made out of fleece.  Fleece is readily available in fabric stores, and comes in a variety of solids and prints.  This type of blanket is suitable for home decor projects, baby gifts,  or lap blankets for the

Baby Quilts Free Quilt Patterns

Tradition tends to rear her head when a new baby is due. For many be they the Mom to be or an adoring family member one of the most beloved traditions is the handmade baby quilt. Baby quilts have been a baby shower staple for hundreds of years and many people pour their hearts and

How to Win at Scrabble

Eight tips that will help you win at Scrabble. 1. Learn the two letter words Two letter words are probably the most important words to learn in Scrabble. These are the words that allow you to hang words off others, fill in gaps, and use up difficult letters. Some two letter words can be very

How to Make a no Sew Blanket

No sew blankets are a very attractive accessory to make a statement in the home. They are also very easy to make so they can be made as a last minute gift for a baby shower or a house warming party. This is one method that can be used to make an attractive no sew

Knitting Flowers

There are tons of uses for knitted flowers, and lots of simple ways to make them. Here’s an especially easy pattern I used to make  corsages for my friends for Christmas, with a safety pin on the back. It’s really rewarding knitting for people and knitted flowers are easy. One person I gave one to

Felted Purse

Easy Felting for Beginners I learned to knit when I was a child. As I grew older I did a lot crocheting. But, you can only have so many afghans! I was crocheting afghans and giving them to hospitals and charitable organizations. There is a website called “Project Linus” that accepts afghans for infants and

Felted Christmas Ornaments

With the economy being so tough this year, many people are cutting back and living more simply. People are realizing more and more that all the bling and glitz does not mean anything and that it is time to get back to basics. Living simply can also extend to how you decorate your Christmas tree.

Sew Slippers Easy Sewing Projects

Comfy, cozy, chic and stylish. Your slippers not only cover your feet but can give you a lift in spirits on cold mornings when the alarm clock conspires to damper your mood. Whether you are a novice or expert seamstress, with or without sewing machine, slippers are a fun and easy project to tackle in

Felting a Knitting Project without a Washing Machine

There are many reasons to felt a finished object. It is one of the most fun and interesting ways to embellish your project. When working with a project to be felted, once you finish knitting it will look slightly large, as the felting process will shrink it, as well as providing a more structured form.

Felting Felting by Hand Felting without a Machine Felting Knitted Garments

While it may be quicker to pursue the hobby of felting by using a machine, you can gain a sense of joy and accomplishment when you complete the project by hand. Depending on the size of your project, it can still take very little extra time. It would be a good idea to felt a