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Tips for Washing Fleece

When a fleece is taken from a sheep, it’s almost like having it’s Summer haircut. It’s messy and dirty and one of the first jobs of the spinner it to sort out the different kinds of wool that make up an entire fleece, as each part of the fleece has its own value for different


Felting is not an exact science but it is a lot of fun. Basically, felting is the process of taking a knitted or crocheted piece of wool and shrinking it by washing it in hot water. Why would anyone want to do that? Because it turns your piece into a fun funky felted work of

Learning how to Quilt

Learning how to quilt can be an amazing, though challenging experience. If you are like me, you want to see a finished king-sized bed quilt overnight. That was the first lesson I learned. Take your time and be precise. No king-sized quilt will be made overnight. As a matter of fact it could take months

How to do Needle Felting

In the most simple of term felting is the process of tangling fibers together to make material or shapes.  Felting dates back to 6300 BC in one form or another. The process of needle felting that we use today can be traced back to David and Eleanor Stanwood who developed the barbed needle for hand

Patents Related to Woodworking

When in the heat of the action, woodworkers often realize ways to improve the tools that they use. This is often a fleeting idea brought about by the frustration of dealing with a poorly thought out product. The idea may start with the thought “why didn’t they build it like this” or “this would be

Street Magic from Indian Snake Charmers to Urban Streets

Following the Laws of MagicFor years, street magic has been performed all over the world. In India the magicians are seen blowing a flute, while a snake rises and dances in the air and then turns to rope. Some magicians have perfected the “art of magic” with feats of levitation and escapes from a secured

Good Magic Tricks for Beginning Magicians

A simple card trick that will amaze anyone. All you need is a deck of cards, a shirt with a pocket, a quick mind, and at least one other person. Hand the deck to anyone and have them shuffle. When they hand you the deck back, hold the deck and explain you will put the

How to Play Bocce Ball

While it may not be the glamorous hobby ( you probably won’t hear about celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lindsey Lohan playing on the weekend ) it’s still a fun game! Bocce ball is a great game for a barbecue, a backyard party, or just a relaxing afternoon. It is enjoyable, and great

Getting Started with Treasure Hunting and Metal Detectors

The fascinating hobby of metal detecting for treasure hunting be it for pirate treasure or beachcombing has a broad appeal for all age groups, both for men and women. High level of fitness neither is nor required but enthusiasm’ is the word. Metal detecting is a leisurely hobby that provides gentle exercise in the open

How does the Roulette Betting System Work

As it happens, roulette is a bit of a hobby of mine. It’s a game that I enjoy playing, even if it isn’t for real money, just for entertainment at home. I also enjoy playing in casinos for cash, and I usually come out ahead. There are many different ways to play roulette and you

Reading Recommendations to Improve your Gaming Abilities

To improve your Game Theory read and study the points in the referenced books. The first book gives a Non-Technical Introduction [1] and covers two-person zero sum game, so applying this approach on playing war games will improve your score when you are getting close to beating someone at the finals or being the last

New Trends in Yarn Bamboo Yarn

Some new yarn adverts promise you the earth, but when you rush out to buy them you are disappointed with the results. Not so with bamboo yarn! Bamboo plant fiber produces a smooth, silky yarn that is 100% natural, and doesn’t have that annoying tendency to ‘pill’ that plagues some yarn types. It offers a

The Art Form of Pen Pal Writing

The Art of Letter Writing In the age of emails the art of letter writing seems to be dying. When I was a teenager in the fifties I used to write to several pen friends. One was a girl who lived in Freetown, Sierra Leon, Africa. She would write to me about her studies in

Different Types of Conventions Anime Conventions

Cosplay is a bit more involved than you may originally think. It’s not just a matter of looking like the character, a good cosplayer has to be very knowledgeable about the character. Lots of time and effort go into making the costume, as well. Cosplay, however, is not the only thing you’ll find at an

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Dlc

Downloadable Content also known as DLC has taken the world over or video game industry in this generation of consoles and devices. If your Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Playstation 3, Iphone, etc., you are downloading content to it most likely. DLC can range from an outfit, a new character, new storyline, new game modes, and

How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords

Many people shy away from cryptic crosswords believing they are incapable of solving what appear often look like meaningless clues yet with a little time and patience the intricate word clues, associations and different ways of expression become a little addictive. Someone already keen on crosswords will find the transition to cryptic clues a little

Knitting Rescuing a Dropped Stitch

There really is nothing worse than finding that you have dropped a stitch, and this happens to every knitter whether they knit on a machine or knit by hand. At one stage or other, stitches get dropped, and it may be something as accidental as a cat accidentally knocking against the knitting left on the

Are Video Games Bad – Good

Video games, like most newer cultural phenomenon, tends to get a bad reputation through no fault of its own. Many people believe that video games are bad for teens, that they are something altogether unwholesome and are best when not played by anyone at all. There are many articles online and in magazines and newspapers

How to Make a Rubber Band Gun

When I was a child I loved my rubber band gun. It gave me power and brought me respect. At least while I was pointing it at someone. I don’t think I ever heard of anyone actually getting hurt by a rubber band gun. You know, the typical chastisement “You’re gonna put someone’s eye out

Costuming for Renaissance Faire

So you’re headed to the RenFaire for the 2nd time, because you loved it so much the first time. And you’ve been bitten by the garb bug. Going in ‘mundane’ wear is fun, but to really feel part of the event, you need to dress in ‘garb’. You can simply dress in black cotton pants