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Simply the best

Bobby Fischer died in January of 2008 in Reykjavik, still tilting at windmills, with the bats of paranoia still fluttering around his head and with his prejudices firmly in place. He had come back in a thirty-six year loop to the scene of his greatest triumph and, although nobody realized at the time, to the place

Chess Tips how to Make the most of the Kings Position

To make the most of your king’s position, you should make sure that your king is safe at the beginning of your game and activate your king as a fighting unit only when it is safe to do so. A popular move to keep the king safe is known as castling (the king and rook

Tips for Playing as Father Rhinehardt in Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a game of supernatural wonders both good and ill, and so it’s no surprise that a priest, Father Rhinehardt, would be included in the mix of 12 characters that can enter the house in the search for danger and intrigue. Will he make it out again? Or will

Tips for Playing as Ox Bellows in Betrayal at House on the Hill

Horror movies aren’t complete without a big, dumb idiot to round out the cast, and as far as Betrayal as House on the Hill goes – which is kind of like every horror movie rolled into one – Ox Bellows fits the bill for simple brute. He’s a strong dude, and not much else. Ox

Tips for Playing as Peter Akimoto in Betrayal at House on the Hill

Though Betrayal at House on the Hill does not seem like a good game for children, there are nevertheless four of the tykes potentially running around in the spooky house, and Peter Akimoto is probably the most down-to-earth of the lot. A shame he might not survive a night in the house… Peter is, in

Catan Settlers Expansion University Communities Wood Create Game Board Computer

Need an addiction for your next twenty get-togethers? Try award-winning Settlers of Catan from Mayfair Games. Not only is Settlers a fantastic game of strategy and dumb luck, there are many Catan expansions to change the game and add complexity. The huge fan-base of Catan have created numerous variations of the games, some with downloadable

Analysis of a Chess Game and Effects of over Protecting a Single Pawn

Here is a short chess game which illustrates the dangers of overprotecting a pawn. In this game, black uses a gambit (sacrifices a pawn) and gets white to overprotect it. This leads to disaster for white. You must be familar with chess notation to understand the game. The comments regarding the moves are my own.

Promoting a Pawn in the Game of Chess

The pawn moves one square forward in the game of chess unless it is the pawn’s first move, when it can move one or two squares forward. The pawn is the only piece that captures different from the way it moves. It captures its opponent’s pieces that are one square diagonally forward of it. A special

Final Fantasy Vi Banon Biography

The first half of Final Fantasy VI is dominated by the struggle between the evil Empire and the Returners, a heroic band of rebels attempting to overthrow them. Banon, a haggard-looking old man with a simple robe and staff, is the leader of the Returners. Possessing tremendous wisdom, he offers the first hints that the

Embroidery Floss Crafts

Popular embroidery floss crafts include needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidering by hand. It is possible to buy larger packs of inexpensive cotton embroidery floss. The cheaper floss is useful for children’s handicraft. Silken embroidery thread or floss is more expensive but it gives a good finish to a special piece of hand embroidered work. Embroidery