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Are Online Play Dolls appropriate for Young Girls – No

Tap, tap, tap and there is your favorite gaming site. Click your way through the menus, and there it is, yours to play with, your first on-line play doll. You can create her by clicking your way through various options. You can tell what colors and shape will her eyes be, what clothes she will

Grand Theft Autopsy Gta Copies under the Microscope

Grand Theft Auto, the greatest most entertaining video game series ever created and no other game will be more enjoyable and more in-depth. You may have heard this argument made over and over by gamers around the world. Some may be inclined to agree whereas some may laugh at this claim. However along with this

What to look for when Buying Dolls for your Tween Girl

How often have you bought a toy for a child and they had little to no interest in the toy? It can often be challenging to buy the appropriate toys for the specific child in mind. Sure the toys are all age categorized, but children are little individuals that mature, think and act differently. Knowing

Pros and Cons of Video Games

Since the first commercially sold video game in 1971 this relatively new form of media has become one of the dominant forms of entertainment known in the world today. Evolving from blurry, pixelated colors on an arcade machine to high definition, photo-realistic graphics, video games have recently received the brunt of many criticisms and accusations

The Relationship between Video Games and IQ

I believe it is possible that playing video games could cause lower intellectual development. However, there are a number of variables to consider before making a blanket statement. First of all, which games are you considering? Video games come in a variety of genres: role playing games, first person shooters, puzzles, word games and even mindless

Best Multicultural Toys and Games

As multiculturalism becomes more commonplace in our society, so too do multicultural toys and games become more prevalent in the marketplace, and as their numbers go up so does the need for consumers to be able to separate the contenders from the pretenders quality wise. Who are the best multicultural toy and game providers and

Podcast Reviews 1up yours

The following is a review for the podcast, 1up Yours. With a name like one 1up Yours, it’s clear that this podcast isn’t for kids. Instead, it’s a podcast for, and by men. Here’s the setting: you’ve got four or five guys sitting in a room, talking about video games. They all work together, and

Reflections why Action Figures and Dolls are Bad Gifts for Gender Stereotyping

Gender roles have been ratified, and we are all equal now. The toy conglomerates have not progressed in their thinking yet, still producing toys specific to genders.Gender stereotyping is an antiquated notion in today’s modern society. In days long yore, gender stereotypes were prevalent, and they were so on purpose. Parents once belonged to the

What serious Girl Gamers look for in a Video Game

Outgoing, high-achieving women can play video games just as well as the introverted, basement-dwelling stereotype. I’ve been playing video games since 6th grade and am now an incoming freshman at an Ivy League university. Video games never hurt my academic record or social life (in fact, guys loved that I could beat them at Halo).

Toys and Games for Multiracial Children

Now that we are a multicultural society, multicultural toys and games are becoming more plentiful. Once these were not particularly such a big deal unless you happened to have recently moved to another country where your child will not have a chance of learning about his native country; or you are an adoptive parent of

How Playing with Dolls can Bring Mothers and Daughters Closer together

Childhood and imagination are two things that inevitably go hand in hand. They are gifts that we are given the moment we are born and I say that because our childhood is something that never really leaves us, it is something that we choose to leave behind as we get caught up in the world

Funny Moments

To be honest, I’d be hard pressed to pick a particular moment of humour from any one game. I’ve been playing videogames for, ooh, must be 30 years by now, and a lot of them have crossed my path. The total must be into several thousand by now, and that’s not even including online or

Video Game Cheating

This article title reminds me of the creed- “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Simply put, it’s misleading and not completely true or false. Many gamers can reach achievements and goals in a game, all on their own and still cheat. Particularly while replaying games, some gamers like to use cheat codes, just

How to Review a Video Game Video Game Reviews how to Write Video Game Reviews

Want to be a game reviewer?   Many gamers think there is a certain magic in becoming a video game reviewer. Some think they will play free games all day, and others think if they write then people will listen to their game reviews. Well, some will and some won’t however if you truly want

Effects of Video Games on Children

The tabloid newspapers constantly scream that video games are bad for children. Like all sweeping generalizations, the true position is somewhat more complicated than a bald statement. Children’s influences come from many places in this technological age, not just video games. Years of ever more violent television programmes may have more effect than video games.

Memorable Video Game Villains

One of the wonderful aspects of video games is that a list of the most memorable villains in the video game world could be comprised of dozens of nefarious no-gooders, all of which would be provocative entries on the itemization. Video games have formed a rich, long-held culture that has by far grabbed a hold

Top 10 Video Game Villains

A proper story cannot take place without conflict, and thus there can be no hero without a villain; these foundational truths have not only propelled story-telling in its traditional forms, but even through the medium of video games, as evident by this compilation of the top 10 video game villains in a countdown to number

Is World of Warcraft a Waste of Time

There are video games and then there are MMORPGs. World of Warcraft, as most probably know, is classed as an MMORPG (but still a video game all the same). The reason I differentiate between the two is because one (though not always) requires a monthly subscription fee, as well as requiring you to buy the

How Video Games can help you Sleep

Video games are one of the most prominent and popular hobbies in the world today, but one thing that is never publicised is the fact that video games when treated with responsibility can actually help you get to sleep at night. In a world that is dominated by worries and woes, the modern day world

Where to Find and get the best Deals when Purchasing Halo Reach

As the most popular game in the world right now, do not be surprised if you have recently heard about the recent Halo: Reach craze and upon attempting to buy it have realized that the game is completely out of stock. There are many ways however that you can get your hands on this widely