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Runescape Item Guide Coal

Coal is the most widely used mineral in all of Runescape, due to the fact that it is required in almost every production of a metal bar. Coal can be purchased from or sold to the Grand Exchange at approximately 280 coins each. It is available to both members and free players, and is a

Runescape Combat Training Guide

Combat is by far the most commonly trained skill throughout all of Runescape. In fact, a high combat level is almost a must to have. Very rarely do players intentionally choose to avoid combat, but even these players keep separate accounts where they participate in combat. Besides being a useful and practical skill to level

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Okk

Okk is a 4/4 Goblin for one colorless mana and one red mana. Wait… What?! Of course, such ridiculously good stats for two mana must come with several drawbacks and sure enough, Okk comes with two massive drawbacks. The first drawback is that you can only attack with Okk if another creature with a higher

Runescape Item Guide Trout

♦ Item info ♦Trout is a fish in Runescape that is often used for training the cooking skill. A trout can be bought or sold at the Grand Exchange for approximately 25 coins. They are available to both members and free players, and are very common. The requirement to fish a trout is a fishing

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Reckless Spite

“Reckless Spite” is a black instant spell originally printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  It would be reprinted as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Invasion.”  So far, Reckless Spite is a pretty good card to have if you are planning to

Mtg Jokulhaups

Jokulhlaup is an Icelandic term that has been incorporated into the English language. It means a glacial outburst flood. This, of course, fits perfectly with the Ice Age theme of the Magic the Gathering card called Jokulhaups. This rare sorcery costs a massive four colorless mana and two red mana but has the devastating effect

Mtg Errantry

Sometimes a card’s design can foretell the kind of mechanics that will appear in the future. For example, Sealed Fate from Mirage has its own minor theme called fateseal in a few cards much later on. In the case of Errantry, it may have been a kind of ancestor to the exalted mechanic if only

Mtg Blinking Spirit

Blinking Spirit is a rare creature from Ice Age that has seen reprint in Fifth Edition as well as the special Battle Royale set. Interestingly enough, it has also made a more recent return in Ninth Edition. This 2/2 Spirit has a casting cost of three colorless mana and one white mana. The lackluster statistics

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Reap

“Reap” is a green instant spell printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  So far, the card has gotten low scores on Magic the Gathering’s Gatherer website.  Reap seems to be a good sideboard against black decks.  Alone, Reap does not really seem to be that great.  Keep

Mtg General Jarkeld

General Jarkeld from Ice Age is one of the earliest single colored legendary creatures in Magic the Gathering. Prior to this, legendary creatures were generally multicolored for flavor reasons. This rare 1/2 Human Soldier breaks that tradition and paved the way for the newer single colored legends of today. Yet, how does it fare against

Mtg Stone Rain

Ah yes… It’s the classic Stone Rain. This common red sorcery is the defining card for red’s land destruction theme if only because it is so ubiquitous. In fact, it has been with Magic the Gathering in every core set from Alpha all the way to the Ninth Edition. Various other sets such as Ice

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Ruby Medallion

“Ruby Medallion” is a colorless artifact printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  So far, Ruby Medallion happens to be a red deck’s best friend.  As long as you are playing a bunch of red spells, then Ruby Medallion is pretty helpful.  Alone, Ruby Medallion is a pretty

Mtg Anarchy

Anarchy is absolutely deadly against white decks. This rare sorcery from Ice Age has the singular effect of destroying all white permanents. It is very much worth the two colorless mana and two red mana that you spend as its casting cost. The power of this card in limited is situational though. You’ll only want

Chaotic Card Analysis of Gravity Slam

Gravity Slam is an appealing attack card in the Chaotic trading card game that uses the attributes of your opposing engaged creature against them. In Chaotic, players have the choice of either playing offline or taking the game online. All you need to do in order to play online is upload the unique codes on

Mtg Shatter

Shatter is one of the true old boys of Magic the Gathering which has been right there from the beginning as well as seeing reprint in just about every core set. This common instant has also been included in Ice Age, Mirrodin and Tempest. Most recently, the designers of Magic the Gathering has decided to

Gravity Crash

Gravity Crash is a game advertised as being Old School Graphics with New School Game Play.  Such is not really the case.  It is an Old School Idea with Old School Graphics, and a Top Notch Graphics Engine.  So, while it does not deliver quite as advertised, it is a close approximation. Game Play The

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Reflecting Pool

“Reflecting Pool” is a non-basic land card originally printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  It would then be reprinted as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Shadowmoor.”  This is perhaps one of the best non-basic land cards ever.  In the right deck,

Online Video Game Reviews Gravity Core

I was initially very skeptical about this game but I became amazed by how addictive Gravity Core actually is. If you compare the game play with a number of other games within the genre you’ll see that it is surprisingly refreshing. Players can’t just sail through the game and only apply a little boost here

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Gravity well

Gravity Well is a uncommon green enchantment from the rise of the Eldrazi expansion set of magic the gathering. It costs two green mana and one colorless mana to put Gravity Well onto the battlefield and it reads “Whenever a creature with flying attacks it loses flying until the end of the turn.” Green and

Mtg Enduring Renewal

While many older cards from Ice Age are left out in the cold in today’s world of Magic, some like Enduring Renewal only gets better with age. What does it do though? Well, this rare enchantment has a casting cost of two colorless mana and two white mana and has three separate effects. The first