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Embellishing your Lampshade

Lamps are an integral part of home decoration. Dark corners of the house can be depressing and unsightly, so what to put there? Lamps! However, many lamps have the unfortunate effect of making your home look like someone’s office or a motel room. Especially in the lower price brackets, lampshades tend to be made of

Rag Quilt Quilt Fabric Flannel Sewing Sewing Machine Rag Cotton

Making a rag quilt is one of the simplest quilts you can make. First, you need to determine how many squares you need to cut from various fabrics. For example, if you make a 25 in. x 25 in. quilt and you use 4.5 in. squares, you will need 49 squares for the top, 49

How to Make a Throw Pillow

Square and rectangular throw pillows are already common, sitting on beds and sofas across America. But, bolster pillows – the tube shaped, pliable throws, which are also sometimes called neck-pillows – are underrated decorative accents. And, if you’re looking to create a decorative one, all you really need is abolster pillow, some decorative fabric, ribbon,

Easy Antiquing Painting a Faux Antique Finish

There are several methods for creating an antique look for your painted projects including the two most popular: the crackle paint finishes and antiquing. Here we will discuss the basics of antiquing. Antiquing gives the item that old, worn look that’s so popular on ceramics, furniture and brass fixtures. This is a surprisingly simple technique

Learning the Art of Mosaics

A weeklong study of the Venetian sky reveals a palette of moody huesfrom spirited azure and somber indigo to winsome lavender and rose. Nestled beneath this clamor of color, the library at the Orsoni mosaic foundry is filled with as many tonal variations as nature can foist upon its walled faade. Shelves of jewel-toned glass

Decorate Recipe Box

The under the lid of the recipe box sitting high on the shelf in your kitchen cupboard rests a treasure trove of heirloom meals and desserts garnered from books, magazines, and your mother and grandmothers own heads. These recipes not only bring your family together for meals, but can be a form of spreading the

How to Make an Extra Soft Decorative Pillow

Whether you are a skilled, crafty, decorator extraordinaire, or you wonder how you color-coordinate your clothes daily, a decorative pillow is an easy craft project. But if you are going to rest your head on it, support your lower back with it, snuggle with it, or, well… touch it at all, shouldn’t it be soft?

Father’s Day craft ideas for grown-ups

Nothing says “I love you” like hand-made gifts. It shows that you invested your time and energy into making that special someone feel important. This is especially true for all the dads and granddads, even special uncles, on Father’s Day. Whether you are making your own father (or father figure) a gift or making the

Fun Holder for any Occasion

Ice candle holders are an exquisite addition to any special occasion display. They work well in wedding displays, on buffet lines, outdoor decorations, and romantic bedroom additions. These are just a few of the possible applications. The way the light is reflected through the ice can truly be unique and beautiful and you can make

Gift for Adult on Fathers Day Adult Crafts Crafts Man Crafts Men Crafts

Receiving a gift that has included a lot of thought, planning, energy and creativity is one that means so much more than a purchased gift. When thinking about a craft idea that an adult can present to their husband, their father or grandfather, you may not realize how many great ideas exist suitable for the

Fun Flag Day crafts for kids

Flag Day is a wonderful time to have children create crafts and learn a bit of history at the same time. There are many different crafts children can make that are not the same old Flag Day flags. With a little creativity, the possibilities for crafts are endless. Depending on the ages and abilities of


Looking to bring a little of outdoors right into the house? A twig lamp is an easy and affordable way to create some interesting and reflective of nature. If a contemporary twist is what you are looking for, spray painting the twigs a crisp white will do the trick. It is amazing how just changing

Adult Childs Gifts to Dad

It’s Father’s Day once again and you have no idea what to get the man who already has everything. Well, maybe not everything, he probably wouldn’t mind having a new corvette or a yacht. But the truth is, you just can’t afford that. But if you could afford it, you would definitely love to present

Crafts Toddlers Make for Fathers Day Toddler Crafts Toddler Crafts with Toddlers

There is nothing better to give a toddler to do than an art project. There is nothing better to receive from your toddler than a handmade craft. Children love to create, they love to see your smile and hear your praise when they have created one of their magnificent art works. Besides that, the greatest

Candy Crafts for Valentines Day

A box of chocolates, a card and a dozen red roses are the popular Valentine’s Day gifts. While this is anyone’s dream, the unexpected bouquet of chocolate roses or a personalized, candy-filled card is a great alternative. Candy crafts for Valentine’s Day make great gifts to give to the one you love, or you can

Fathers Day Gift Toddlers Crafts Ideas

Easy Father’s Day crafts for toddlers can be hard to find. No to mention, finding one that is fun, safe, and easy, can sometimes be messy. Here is a great way to make an easy Father’s Day craft for toddlers. It’s safe, not very messy and something that Dad can cherish forever! Father’s Day Handprints

Fun Father’s Day crafts for kids

What dad doesn’t love a gift his children made for him? No matter their ages or abilities, these gifts are treasured by their fathers. With a little help or no help at all, there are several options for homemade crafts children will enjoy creating for their dads, granddads, even a special uncle or other father

Edible Crafts for Valentines Day

As Valentine’s Day looms the shops are full of presents, cards and gifts to spoil your loved one. Instead of splashing your cash, especially if you’re on a budget, why not make something yourself? It’s a well known saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and many women are the

Preschool Craft Fathers Day Craft

When my preschooler made me a necklace during one of his preschool activities, I wore it proudly to a function with my family one day. As I showed off my necklace to a woman at the event, explaining that my son had made it, she looked at my son and said, “Your mom must really

Handcrafted Candle Making

Making candles at home can be simple and fun for people of all ages. Candles are useful as well as decorative, so that makes this craft a great thing to produce. The truth is, candle making is one of the oldest crafts on Earth. Here is a very simple way to make your very own