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Why People Love Antique Shops

Walking into an antique shop is a trip back in time. Even if you aren’t looking for anything in particular, or you aren’t actually a collector, most people find themselves caught up in the history and memories. No one can walk into an antique store without immediately spotting something from their childhood, or something that

Soviet Medals

If you go to almost any gun show or other venue where militaria dealers go to sell their goods to collectors, you will find at least one or two dealers in German medals from World War II. You will find Iron Crosses, War Merit Medals, Wound Badges, and any other variety of Nazi military decorations

Ways to Add value to your Antiques

The first step in adding to the value of an antique is to have an absolute understanding of what not to do. Many appraisers, even on shows such as Antiques Roadshow, have repeatedly advised people that what they have done to their antiques has devalued their antiques. Sometimes what a person does has completely destroyed

Gun Show Tips

Gun shows are exciting events. There are row after row of dealers at each show, and they all have something different to sell. There are opportunities to walk away with absolutely great deals, and there are ways to walk out of a show feeling completely screwed. For the best experience at a gun show, there

Autograph Seeker

I’ve never really been an autograph seeker.  I remember it was important to get a lot of my friends to sign my high school year book  There was this one guy Jeff  I’d known since the sixth grade whose signature was unrecognizable.  He explained that one day he would be a doctor, and he was

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Baseball Cards

There are many ways the person can make money with the hobby of selling baseball cards. The prevalence of card collecting is not as prominent as it was in previous generations. However, there is a market for collectors if a person knows where to look. Many people do not understand that the brand of cards

Postcards for Sale

One thing to ask yourself is which postcards are valuable? There are books that set a standard price range which can be a good guideline, but when it comes right down to it the book is only good as a general guideline. The value is in the collector’s mind and what he will pay for

Silver Morgan Dollar

There is a fine art to collecting the Morgan Silver Dollar.I started by ordering a set of ten from a coin catalog,posted them at eBay, and watched them soar double what I paid. I was so amazed, I ordered two more sets,and watch them do likewiseI soon realized there were hundreds of buyers and sellers, online, mastering the

How to Replace a Flint in any Zippo Style Lighter

Zippo’s are fun. They’re also pretty unique, and show you have a bit of style when you whip one out. The worst thing is when the flint goes however, because a lot of people new to such lighters have no idea why their lighter no longer sparks. Surprisingly, it is a relatively cheap and easy

Make Greeting Cards together to Save Money and Create Memories

It’s the thought that counts. By spending the time with your children to make greeting and gift cards the receiver will know right a way how much you care for them. They will appreciate the time and effort that went into the making of their card. Making cards is incredibly easy. It doesn’t take a