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Beautiful Handmade Birthday Cards Make

Beautiful handmade birthday cards are inexpensive and simple to make. Heavy card stock is the best material to use, since it’s more durable and attractive than other materials, such as construction paper. Card stock also comes in a wide array of different colors, allowing you to select the perfect color for your recipient. It’s important

Home Made Bookmarks

Home made bookmarks make great gifts for family, friends and teachers.  They are very simple to make and it’s time well spent with your children or to make quick cheap artsy gifts.  First, have a theme in mind and know the interest of the reader you are giving the home made bookmark too.  The tools

How to use Transparent Overlays for Scrapbooking

How do you use transparent overlays for scrapbooking? Transparent overlays exist to ease embellishing for scrapbooking, They are meant to be placed over layouts and save time and effort especially if you are interested in scrapbooking but are not a great artist yourself. There are plenty of pre-printed overlays to choose from existing on-line companies.

What is a Simple Scrapbook

What is a simple scrapbook? In making a simple scrapbook, the scrapbook maker has the freedom to select the ideas, presentation mode and size of his scrapbook. He can decide the shape of his scrapbook and follows a schema from the cover page to the back page and through the pages in between. He decides

Information on a Simple Scrapbook

Simple scrapbooking is a scrapbook that focuses on the simple everyday occurrences in your life. It is a story of the uneventful days that give way to just normal living. It is filled with relationships, hopes and dreams, the daily routine that occurs that help you get back to the basics, the things that make

How to Set up a Scrapbooking Crop

How do you set up a scrapbooking crop for scrapbooking fanatics who are madly in love with the craft that they would want to meet up and learn to make more original and informative scrapbooks that will stand out among the crowd? First, realize that a scrapbooking crop from any ordinary party. A scrabooking crop

Best new Scrapbooking Products

The Cuttlebug Die Cut and Embossing Machine by Provo Craft is the best new scrap booking product. This light, little green machine is small and the most inexpensive of the Die Cutters out there. The Cuttlebug accepts dies from all die cut manufacturers. Die cutting is a process to cut out the same shape from

How to Create a Scrapbook for a Beginner

Scrapbook is a decorative album, as a decorative album it preserve personal and family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia. One sometimes thinks that making a scrapbook is uneasy and cost a lot of money. Yes sometimes it is hard to make a scrapbook and sometimes it cost a lot of

Simple Scrapbook Ideas

Simple scrapbooks are projects where a lot of the work is pre-designed and completed. All the scrapper needs to do is add some embellishments and pictures and the page is ready to go. To know what a simple scrapbook is, one must know what a complex scrapbook is. A complex scrapbook has many elements and

Know what you need to Scrapbook

Have you gotten started scrapbooking all those great photos you have taken over the years? No, and why not? Are you intimidated by all those terms that mean nothing to you and everyone else seems to understand? It isn’t as overwhelming as you might think; there are a few terms that you are going to