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Benefits of Dance for Children

Looking at the way young people dance today when they are out with their friends at clubs and bars, it is nothing like the way people danced in past decades. It requires virtually no rhythm, let alone any talent. Anyone with two left feet can stand in a circle with her girlfriends on the dance

Nes Battle Chess Review

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 Stars In 1990, Data East published another video board game for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. This time the title was Battle Chess, a cartridge with programming done by Beam Software, and a home console port of the popular board game of chess. How does it compare to the real-life version? Gameplay

The Art of Silhouette and when was it most Popular

In art, a silhouette is all about shadow. Most often the image of a person’s profile, a silhouette is a representation of a person, object, or scene that derives from a solid block (typically black) of color representing that subject by an outline. Created by cutting paper, the outline of the person’s face (the most

The Buddhist Cave Paintings at Ajanta

Buddhism, a religion that originated in ancient India and then spread outward to Asia and other countries, is still followed today by many worshipers.  Its traditions, beliefs and practices are based upon the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, more commonly known as the Buddha.  The Buddha, who was born into a royal family in 563 B.C., is

Ballet Summer Intensives should you Send your Child

So your little angel has taken to ballet, and after a few years of training, your child’s instructor has told you about your child’s potential, and you can see it for yourself in the classes you’ve watched, and the recitals you’ve been to. It doesn’t take a professional dancer as a parent to know that

Benefits of Dancing for Children

Dancing in its raw form is something we all pick up at a very early age.  Music is a wonderful thing, and can influence our moods without even really trying.  Since it comes so easily to the youngest, why should they be encouraged to learn dancing?  There are four reasons that children should be encouraged

How to be your own Dance Teacher

Being your own teacher happens in some strange and unsuspected ways. However, unless you only intend to learn “street dance” – informal popular dances like people do in clubs, being your own teacher is not a wise way to start out. Notice, I didn’t say don’t do it at all. Just don’t start that way.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Cheats and Tips

Within the last several years, the zombie sub-genre of horror has reignited in excitement and popularity. One can thank titles and movies such as “Zombieland,” “Resident Evil,” “Alone in the Dark,” “Dead Rising,” and so forth. The regained popularity has given an incentive for games to feature DLC (downloadable content) that revolves around situations dealing

Mario Super Mario Bros Mario Bros Review Mario Review Super Mario Bros Review

It is almost impossible to give a game as legendary and iconic as Super Mario Bros. a worthy review. The incredible contribution it has had to the video game community is undeniable, and almost every gamer that has ever picked up a controller has experienced the Nintendo Entertainment System’s colorful and challenging platforming masterpiece. This

What to Expect at a Belly Dance Workshop

Belly dance workshops are a great way to get a taste of a new learning style, pick up some helpful tips, and expand your arsenal of dance knowledge. They could be held at a local dance studio or at a large belly dance festival; they can last an hour or a weekend. Either way, belly