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Is Barbie a Role Model for Girls

As a society we place too much value on television characters, sports players, performers, and toys. Where did a girls toy that some of us enjoy collecting once grown become a role model? Should we give that status to anything that is made of plastic and a permanent size two? Barbie is not a good

Argentine Tango Lesson

Argentine Tango Lesson: The First Argentine Tango Lesson Puts You To Dance! It turns out the Argentine tango is the easiest among ballroom dances to grasp and dance right from the start. Its principal rhythm is the slow-slow, which is a walking pace, and its primary step is the walk itself. I got to my

History of Lego

Since 1958, when the now-famous version of the LEGO brick first came into production, the LEGO Group has released thousands of LEGO play sets, venturing into far ranging themes such as dinosaurs to robots, underwater to outer space, Vikings and pirates to the wild, wild west. So successful have the little plastic bricks become that

Organic Toys Toys Children Health

Every child deserves the highest quality in life. Clothes that won’t fall apart after that romp in the backyard, and nutritious food that will give them that youthful energy. Many of us choose organic food as the best fuel for our little ones, knowing the threat which pesticides pose to a developing child, but few

How to Dance the Samba

Samba Background: Samba is a lively dance style, which originated from Brazil in late 19th century. It actually involves a set of dances, rather than a single dance, so no dance can be comparable with the original Brazilian Samba dance style. Modern Samba has been developed from an early Brazilian music called “Choro.” The ball

History of Tinker Toys

It was in 1914 that the world was first introduced to the classic children’s toy set, Tinkertoys. Charles Pajeau, a stonemason from Evanston, Illinois marveled over how children would play with the simplest of objects such as wooden spools and pencils. He noticed children would spend hours just exploring the ways different household objects would

The Birthplace of Step Dancing

“Stepping” or “step dancing is an ornate style of dance in which the individual’s entire body is utilized as an instrument to create complicated beats and sounds through a combination of verbal word, hand claps and foot steps. It is usually presented by clusters of two or more, frequently in groupings that look like military

How to Dance the Waltz

Brief note about Waltz history: The history of Waltz dance dates back to around 13th century, believed to be first evolved from Germany. The simple German meaning of Waltz is “to roll or turn around.” From 15th to 18th century, it has taken various forms, like, in 15th century famous as Nizzarda in France and

Fear of Phthalates in Plastics Fact or Fable

Fear of Phthalates: Fact or Fable? From news reports to parenting bulletin boards, phthalates have become fertile fodder for discussion. What are phthalates, and are they really dangerous to our health? What are phthalates? Phthalates are synthetic chemicals that have been used for more than fifty years in the production of high performance plastics, such

Apache Dance

title: Dance The Apache! Dance, between male and female partners, acts out one or another social facet of the primal relationship of our species. Apache dance, first developed on the streets of Paris, acts out the MOST primal…. Let me make perfectly clear that the “Apache” dance I refer to is NOT the current hip-hop

A look at the Top Ballet Dance Schools in the United States

People who are interested in becoming professional ballet dancers often want to get accepted at the top ballet dance schools in the United States. These schools are very competitive and accept very few applicants, especially if the pool of dancers has similar qualities. However, a look at the top ballet dance schools in the United

Tap Dance

Tap Dance: Tap dance is an exciting type of dance, in which, the dancers wear especially equipped shoes with metal plates. The dancers use their feet like drums in order to produce the rhythm and the beats. The name has been derived from the tapping sound when the dancer touches the surface with his shoes


Brief Introduction: Salsa is a Latin dance which was introduced to the United States during the Cuban Immigration, between the 1940s and the1970s. The rhythm of Salsa is a fusion of traditional African, Cuban and the Latin American rhythmus including Mambo and the Rumba. About the History: Salsa dance history is thought to be a

Learning different Types of Social Dances

The movie Dirty Dancing had America swooning over Patrick Swayze and launched a new dance era.   Whether it is the basic “must do” in preparation for a Wedding or, passionately pursuing that dance goal, this unique sport somehow sparks the curiosity of the intimidated, while enhancing the adrenalin of the well-seasoned dancer. Free style


The addicting qualities of MMORPG’s are many and each draws a certain type of person. Having been an avid video gamer most of my life, I have always felt a mild surprise when I realize how much time passed while I played. It’s easy to lose oneself in the very graphic and vivid world on

How to Dance the Mambo

History: It is generally believed that the Mambo dance was first originated in Cuba and then spread to the rest of the world. Mambo dance was first invented by Perez Prado in Cuba around 1930, and became very popular in New York, America in 1940-1950. Mambo music: The origin of Mambo music dates back to

How to Start a Dance Studio

How to start a dance studio Dance studios are usually started by professional dancers who have studied dance for many years and are also experienced dance teachers. They may have certificates, awards, or degrees in their specific dance field. They may also be proficient in a specific dance through many years of training, practice and

Older Gamers

During the 1980’s, video games were mainly played by adolescents and the rare “cool” adult. They were played on infinitely slow consoles and in arcades that were jam-packed with kids. Adults really had no place in the budding gaming world. Since that time those adolescent gamers have grown up. Many of them have gone on

Video Gaming

From the video arcades of old to mainstream multimillion dollar industry there is no hiding the fact that video gaming is here to stay. The advances in the video gaming industry over the past few years have been astounding. One of the greatest accomplishments being the ability to bring gamers from across the country and

Salsa how to Dance the Salsa Salsa Steps

The Salsa is a fiery, energetic dance that had its origins in the Caribbean. At first glance, you may think it is a dance that is very difficult to learn because it looks as if the dancers are using intricate and complicated steps. The fact is that the Salsa involves only two basic movements and