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How to Learn Lines Quickly and Easily

As a working community theatre actress and an acting student, I think I can say with some authority that learning lines can be the hardest part of rehearsal for many plays. Every single word written by a playwright is on paper because the writer felt that word was important. It is in bad taste to skip or miss

Chaotic Card Analysis of March of the Marillian Minions

March of the  M’arillian Minions is a beneficial mugic card in the Chaotic trading card game that has the ability to give your creatures mugic counters. If you are are unfamiliar with the Chaotic trading card game, it is markedly set apart from other trading card games as you have the ability to battle against

Chaotic Card Analysis of Jig of Reinforcement

Jig of Reinforcement is a very unique and powerful mugic card in the Chaotic trading card game that has the ability to grant different special abilities depending on the tribe of the creature. If you are are unfamiliar with the Chaotic trading card game, it is interesting and set apart from other trading card games

Diablo Ii Elite Unique Gloves

Hell level difficulty in Diablo II opens up a whole new world of challenges.  To stand a chance at survival, characters need the best possible equipment, and that includes gloves.  While this small group of elite unique gloves ends in moderate disappointment, it begins with two cool names, and two useful pairs of these gloves.

Space Crafts for Kids using Recycled Materials Spaceship Mobile

Space is an exciting theme for kids, and there are many fun space themed crafts that kids will enjoy. You can use many recycled materials to create easy space themed crafts for kids. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create a fun and easy spaceship mobile for kids using recycled

Alphabet Crafts for Kids Letter u

Alphabet crafts are great for getting your kids to learn their letters, but it’s important to make it fun as well.  Work together on these projects, making some quality time for you and your child to spend with each other. You can make U shapes from card and color them, glue on U shapes you

A Review of the Rscs Matilda a Musical

Roald Dahl, like many writers of his generation, had been a spy, in his case working as an attaché at the British Embassy in Washington DC during WWII, which included spying on the Americans, ensuring they were not talking with Hitler behind Churchill’s back. Consequently, he was well connected and met many another spy, including Ian Fleming, plus

Final Fantasy Carbuncle

Most GFs in Final Fantasy VIII are tall, monstrous creatures that absolutely devastate the battlefield, leaving little place for the tiny guys like Carbuncle and Tonberry to make themselves comfortable. That said the tiny ones are just as important as any other GF, so don’t ignore them just because they don’t look so tough. Carbuncle

Diablo Ii Exceptional Unique Shields

Just try to survive Nightmare difficulty in Diablo II without a quality shield.  Just try it.  Most cannot.  For the rest, it’s all about finding the right shield, and often times, that means finding an exceptional unique shield.  These are some of the best. Visceratuant is a shield designed for the Sorceress.  It has some

How to Change your Appearance in Fable 2

The Fable series of games is pretty unique amongst role-playing games. There isn’t just one reason for that, but there is a reason that pertains to the appearance of your character. Normally in role-playing games, your characters level up and their stats (like strength) increase and it only provides a numerical increase and perhaps provides