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Disney Channel Games

Disney Channel Games, a section of the website seems to be an amazing place for children to find a great library of online playable games. Much like other online gaming websites, the Disney Channel Gaming section makes an attempt at pleasing gamers with a wide variety of Flash based games. One question comes to

Why the Madden Video Games are so Addicting

The Madden video games are perhaps one of the single most popular football games created based around the National Football League. Over the course of time the franchise really grew into what it seen today. Now it represents and has 32 teams in it with new features added to it or so it seemed like

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Nullstone Gargoyle

Artifact creatures have always been expensive and those that bring interesting abilities into colors that do not normally have them are generally more expensive, and while there are a number of cards that help produce colorless mana quickly most of them are older cards with the most recent being Urza’s Tower, Mine and power Plant

Et Atari

Anybody who’s played video games for any longish period of time – say, a year or two at least – has probably come across at least one movie adaptation before. Everything else that can possibly be merchandised and orbited around a movie usually appears alongside a blockbuster to increase hype, so why not video games

Video Game Characters Andore from Final Fight

“Andore” is a memorable character whose appearance originated in the 2D side-scrolling beat ’em title released in the early 1990s called “Final Fight.” Since then, Andore has seemed to be a pretty popular character for the most part. For those that remember Final Fight, Andore made his debut in the game as one of the

Big Fish Games

Claiming to be the world’s online destination for online gaming, Big Fish Games develops a wide variety of PC games. More importantly they also distribute games from a wide variety of other gaming studios. Represented on Big Fish Games are many games from different genres, including the ever popular Bejeweled series. If you’re looking to

Raven Tekken

One of the many new challengers to appear in Tekken 5 to appear was the ninja Raven, who hails from Canada and is actually an international spy type character who some how takes the appearance of looking like Wesley Snipes from Blade. Despite that, he is a force to be reckoned with and his fighting

The Theater is an Important Part of our Culture

When I was a child I attended concerts when most children wanted to watch TV. Attending concerts and attending the theater are very similar. There are some rules of etiquette that children and the parents who bring them should observe. Be quiet during a performance unless everyone around is applauding. Children may want to perform

Video Game Characters Ash Crimson from the King of Fighters Series

Ash Crimson could be considered one of the newest faces of SNK-Playmore’s “King of Fighters” series.  So far, he has proven to be quite the important character in the recent King of Fighters games.  One could call Ash Crimson the protagonist and main antihero of the series.  At first, Ash started out as the “hero”

Worst Snes Games ever Created

Like every console in the world, there were some terrible games created for it. The Super Nintendo would be no exception to the rule, as there would be some games not that great. Of course, that is always going to be up for debate and up to personal opinion on that. Like all lists, this

Ffvii Review

Final Fantasy VII was a legend of its time. Its revolutionary 3D graphics and heartfelt story caused gamers from around the globe to realize the amazing storytelling capability of Square Enix, the company creator of Final Fantasy. Not a single flaw could be found in the game back in the day and today, still not

Blitz Ffvi

Generally speaking Final Fantasy VI is an RPG, and that supposition has overwhelming support behind it. You gain levels, you fight in turns and you roam around on a large map fighting monsters. Sounds pretty cut and dry. But you’d be wrong – or at least partly so. For FFVI is also a fighting game

Blood Wars Battlefields

In the game of Blood Wars, Battlefield cards may, at first, seem like the most boring ones. Battlefields aren’t magic, weapons, or hulking beasts just looking to rip into the enemy. They’re just land. And yet, without Battlefields, there can be no victory, as the point of the game, is to collect enough battlefields to

Standing Ovation – Yes

The reason I feel standing ovations have become too overused is because when you go into a grocery store people stocking the food that you want to buy and making it so that you have food to live on to have a standing ovation for them or do you just pass by them casually and

Earthbound Plot

Earthbound begins in a small town called Onett. It opens late one night as a young boy, Ness, is awakened by an enormous crashing sound. Heading downstairs he decides to investigate, and upon heading outside he discovers a cadre of police being pestered by his neighbor, Pokey. He learns that a meteor has crashed into

Video Game Characters Ace from Street Fighter ex

Ace is a character in the Street Fighter world that has not seen the light of day ever since “Street Fighter EX 3.” In the late 1990s, Capcom had launched several projects to reinvent Street Fighter to deviate away from the “Street Fighter II” and possibly “Street Fighter III” series. One project was the creation

Bowser Koopa

Every good hero needs a villain, and though Mario’s nemesis was originally Donkey Kong (and still is, to an extent) that role has incontrovertibly been seized by the king of the Koopas, Bowser. A giant turtle with an attitude, Bowser is the ruler of the Koopas and commands a massive army of troops, their ranks

Difficult Boss

We’ve all had a tough time on a particularly hard boss or group of enemies, but sometimes you just encounter some that make you re-check your status screen just to make sure your level is as high as you thought. Here’s a few of the most difficult bosses I’ve ever had the pleasure to defeat.

Pokey Earthbound

Possibly the least threatening villain ever to pop up in a video game, Pokey Minch has nevertheless managed to worm his way into the hearts of Earthbound fans everywhere by doing what he does best: stabbing others in the back. Presumably born in Onett, Pokey lived beside protagonist Ness with his father, mother and brother

Tekken Combot

Since there are many non human characters in Tekken including the animals such as panda, kuma, Roger and Alex, there are also cybernetic artificial beings such as Jack and Gun Jack. In Tekken 4 there was a special kind of cybernetic robot especially designed in Japan by a cybernetic industry, it had a name, Combot.