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Why Mega Man zero 5 Isn’t Needed

The Mega Man Zero series only has four games in it and would then actually see a conclusion. There is another series that is going on with the Mega Man ZX Series available for the Nintendo DS. Unlike the Mega Man and Mega Man X series’, this one actually has some serious conclusion and does

Mega Man 2 Walkthrough

Crash Man is often billed as one of the more troublesome robot masters in Mega Man 2. He hits hard and mercilessly, and unless you have his weakness (Air Man’s Air Shooter, which is ALSO tough to get) you won’t have an easy time beating him. Consequently this tough level should be one of the

Sci Fi Game Game Smugglers 4 Review Niels Bauer Games

Smugglers 4 is a game produced by small business called Niels Bauer Games. With the graphics, game play and ripped off ideas you can tell. You first choose which faction you want to be a part of: the Federation, Outer Rim Alliance, Coalition, or Syndicate. The federation, an obvious Star Trek steal, with it serving

Dragon Age Bard

The Bard is perhaps the most unique Specialization the rogue has available to him in Dragon Age Origins. Rather than enhance his combat abilities, it gives him a few options to offer additional support and utility that benefit the whole party. Most of the talents (all of which are songs) are sustained abilities, and only

Earthworm Jim Review

In a time where 2D graphics dominated the gaming industry, one game stood out from them all: Earthworm Jim. Picking up the game in 1995, I play the SNES version, and later on the Genesis, and I couldn’t help but love the game. If the action-packed zaniness and surreal environments didn’t grab you, the characters

Best Rts Games for PC

There have been many strategy games throughout the years, and the genre has developed into a variety of sub-genres. Perhaps the most popular, however, is the real time strategy game or “RTS.” In these games, you attempt to strategize against an opponent who is simultaneously working against you. Unlike turn-based strategy games, you are more

Manhunt 2 Wii Review

Rockstar could have pushed it to the limit with the Wii rendition of “Manhunt 2” yet it feels more like a downgraded version of the PS2 version of the game. This is all part of a small combination of Rockstar Games caving to moral outcry along with a half-ass attempt to port a traditional console

Super Mario World Donut Plains

After bidding farewell to the mellow Yoshi’s Island area, Mario is forced next to head to the Donut Plains. Filled with a group of new, decidedly unfriendly enemies – not to mention the game’s first ghost houses – the Donut Plains are not nearly as laid back as they sound. This area is quite a

Dragon Age Ranger

The Ranger is a bit of a different Specialization for the Rogue. Rather than give the character some brand new abilities, what it really does is give him the opportunity to bring in an animal pet to help in combat. The pet works much like a sustained ability, but will behave, for all intents and

Why Landstalker should be Released on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade

Landstalker is a cult-like game from Climax entertainment that was released in 1992 and 1993 in Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom on the Sega Genesis and Sega Megadrive consoles respectively. Almost twenty years on from its initial release, Landstalker continues to maintain a huge and cult-like fan-base for its unique and immersive

International Cricket Captain

Every time a sports management sim is released, it is always compared to the brilliant Football Manager.  This is probably one of the main reasons why there arent as many ‘minority’ sports sims out there as there should be.  The International Cricket Captain series has been running since 2000 with annual updates to squads, statistics

Breath of Fire Walkthrough

Ryu and company, climbing Tock once again to get at the evil Cerl – though this time with her old friend, Alan – have been tossed out of the tower once more. This time, though, Cerl has added an extra problem, as she’s aged the people of Carmen substantially, and she’ll keep doing it so

Why the need for Sequels

The computer games industry is big business and it appears that sequels make up a large part of this fortune. In 2009 alone, the biggest selling game of the year according to the Top Global Market Report of 2009 was a sequel: Modern Warfare 2, selling just over eleven million copies across three formats, the

Summer Session

Want to spend a day in the life of a teenager? Summer Session offers you an entire summer at school, with only two things on your mind- passing biology class and poaching every girl in sight. Scratch that- I meant only one thing on your mind- girls! Aside from being mindless fun, this game doesn’t

Video Game Tips Defeating the Stardroids in Mega Man 5 Game Boy

Defeating the Stardroids in Mega Man V for the Game Boy doesn’t require any weapons so much. In fact, this is the only Mega Man game that came out for the Game Boy that has not only robots named after planets but also the introduction of the Mega Arm. Personally, the robots in this one

Just cause 2 Xbox 360 Review

Agent Rico Rodriguez is back to reign havoc upon another dictatorship in “Just Cause 2” for the Xbox 360. For gamers they should consider this an improved version of “Mercenaries 2” without the glitches but more opportunity to cause mayhem.  This time, Rico Rodriguez has been deployed into the island nation of Panau. The country

Video Game Reviews Alan Wake Xbox 360

Alan Wake is a suspense video game that was published by Microsoft Game Studios in may of 2010. This story follows the events of a horror writer who is on a vacation to a small town with his wife. They go to a cabin on a small island and in a series of strange events

Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough

Just as 3-6 decided to give up on the water motif of World 3, so too does 3-6. There’s nary a bit of water to be found in this level, which is a good thing since Mario has other problems to worry about: there’s a new enemy afoot, and boy are there a lot of

Yoshis Island Review

For those of you who aren’t fully conversant with the stars of classic video games, Yoshi is a little green dinosaur who eats things. Lots of things. Pretty much anything that gets in his way really. It’s a fairly useful skill, given only that as you guide him around one of his various adventures, lots

Video Game Characters Masayuki Fukuhara from Shenmue

Mayasuki Fukuhara a.k.a. “Fuku-San” is a major support character to Ryo Hazuki who is the main character of the series called “Shenmue.”  Despite being a support character, Fuku-San provides the crappiest support.  He is a pretty worthless support character.  Then again, Fuku-San is a worthless character.  He does not have anything useful to offer to