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Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Battle Rampart

Battle Rampart is a common red wall creature from the rise of the eldrazi  expansion set of magic the gathering it was also printed in the mercadian masquerade . It costs two colorless mana and one red mana to cast Battle rampart and put it onto the battlefield. This creature has a toughness of three

Fall Scrapbooking Pages

Fall is a beautiful season to be creative with scrapbook pages. There are so many bright colors to play with, so many different photo opportunities and family activities, and so many different layouts, embellishments, and tools to experiment with. Just make sure you have your camera ready! • Photo Opportunities Fall brings to mind many planned

How to Make Home Made Colored Paper

Making paper, plain or colored, is so simple, it is amazing anybody buys it anymore! Make your own paper for stationary or to give as gifts. It is the ultimate recycling activity for families or individuals. You can use old school papers, newspapers, wrapping paper, printer paper or paper bags to make a unique, fun,

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Obsidian Fireheart

There have been several enchantments in magic the gathering over the years that have caused land to do damage to its controller, but in general they have not been strong enough to make any real impact on the formats but in Zendikar there is a chance that they have create a card that could be

Chaotic Card Analysis of Frightening Muck

Frightening Muck, featured in the organized play 1 deck, is a powerful attack card in the Chaotic trading card game that is able to work in different ways in combat. In Chaotic, there are a couple modes of game play: Online and offline. To play offline, you will simply be playing on the battle mat

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Tribal Golem

“Tribal Golem” is a 4/4 colorless golem printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  So far, this is a type of creature that works with other tribes of creatures.  Depending on what type of creatures you have, you will be able to access the different abilities of the

A Great Recycle Project

This wreath is especially fun for those who may not be able to enjoy the seasons with a great number leaves changing colors. They are made from vintage paper, so readers may be fond of this particular design as well. It is a fairly quick craft. With the help of friends this is an excellent

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Bloodchief Ascension

The quest cards are a new idea for Zendicar. Enchantments that require some other action in order to use their effect. The most powerful of these are the Ascension cycle, each playing off what the color does the best. “Bloodchief Ascension” is an enchantment that costs a single black. At the end of each turn

Mtg Stupor

* Card Details Name:  Stupor Type:    Sorcery Cost:    2B Set:      Mirage, Classic, Time Spiral (Uncommon) Text:     Target opponent discards a card at random, then discards a card. * Introduction Black is well known for its disruption and most especially discard spells. Yet, during the time before Mirage, Hymn to Tourach is quite possibly the

Homemade Backgound Papers Creating your own Background Papers Card Making

Sometimes you just can’t find the right background paper to suit your card making or scrapbooking project, so why don’t you make your own? Keeping a selection of different background papers can become very expensive but making your own can be a cost effective fun way of finishing off your project and because they have