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Microsoft Offers Students Free Xbox with 699 PC Purchase

Before everyone in the world gets too excited, the offer is only for students who purchase a $699 computer that Microsoft is bundling with a free Xbox 360. This incentive will work for high school and college students who can verify their student status when they are either in the store or online when they

Search for Cloud

Having escaped Junon Harbor intact, the team ruminates over their lost leader. Tifa insists on looking for Cloud, hinting at a deeper affection than the rest of the team, and for the next little while acts as the team leader. You’ll get to run around as Tifa as much as you like, which is a

Chaotic Card Analysis of Elemental Oxidation

Elemental Oxidation is a focusing attack card in the Chaotic trading card game that has the ability to hone in on the primary elemental types. One of the more intriguing facts about Chaotic is the ability for players to take on opponents in either the online environment or the offline playing mat. The battle mats

Nintendo Unveils the Wii u x Box Kinect Ps3 Move Console Controller Tablet

At the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles, Nintendo unveiled the Wii U to excited gamers on June 7, 2011, showing off the next-generation games console which they hope will put them back on top of the gaming market, according to coverage from the BBC. The Wii U will continue the trend started by the

Buy Umd Movies Buy Psp Movies

The PSP is both a game console and a media center. It can play games as well as movies. Like with games, movies can be bought either directly from the PlayStation Network store, or by purchasing UMDs (Universal Media Discs). However, because the UMD is only for the PSP, not every store has them. It’s

Xbox History and Updates

The Xbox 360 has originated from the Xbox.  The Xbox first went on sale in shops on the 15th of November, 2001 and then got discontinued on the year of 2008. The last Xbox game was released in august 2008 the game was NFL madden 09. Then everyone who had warranties they ran out in

Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Nameless one

“Nameless One” is an X/X blue wizard avatar printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as Onslaught.  In the past, it seems that Nameless One does not seem to be all that.  With some of the recent cards, you Nameless One can become extremely useful.  Currently, Nameless One is legal

A Beginners Guide to Spore PC Maxis Bugs Sporeopedia Cell Creature Tribal Space Grox

Here I’ll give you a beginner’s guide to Spore. It’s a wonderful game but can drive you crazy in some spots, even if you work really hard at it (which is why my husband dislikes playing it). I’ll also show you parts of the game which I’d equally recommend spending more time in, and focusing

Tips on Choosing a Gaming Console

Many people have different tastes of gaming. Whether from old school game boy or the new high-class Xbox 360, gaming is all the same. Now you are reading this article because you what to choose the right console for you. There are many good choices available on the market at the moment and I will

Are Discs really better than Cartridges

After its release in 1996, Nintendo 64(N64) sold millions of consoles and also millions of its first game.  The games were quick loading, challenging, and very entertaining.  But where there were many positives there were also negatives.  The cartridges were unable to hold as much content and graphics as the competing compact discs could.  The