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3ds Stylus Dsi Stylus

The Nintendo DS has had many changes since its release. Not only has the design changed, so have the styli they each used. The Nintendo DS also often changed Stylus placement and overall feel. The older your system, the less changes you will find a stylus that fits your system. Although older styli are capable

Submarine Ff7

Inside the Shinra submarine you’ll find a small crew of troops who you’ll quickly recognize as your buddies from the parade much earlier in the game. TYou have the option of fighting and killing the trio or just taking them captive. As heartless as it may sound, fighting them gives you the chance to steal

Ff7 sub

Once you hit the final third of the second disc of Final Fantasy VII you’ll gain access to the submarine, a nice little underwater vehicle that gives you access to the vast oceans of the world. And though you can spend your time skimming slowly across the surface of the ocean, your time is much

Console Reviews the Nintendo Gamecube

Now that the Nintendo Wii has been released, there’s hardly any scenario in which I’d recommend the purchase of a GameCube to someone. Still, there may be a select few who could benefit from such a buy. Perhaps you’re a dirt-poor college student with little social life, a good bit of surplus time, and you

Fort Condor

For much of the game Fort Condor is a completely optional side quest, though you may want to visit it the place early and go back every now and then to get into scraps. Some of the item rewards are worth getting, and after a certain point it won’t be available anymore. Fort Condor is

Ps3 Yellow Light of Death

Windows has the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). Xbox has the Red Ring of Death (RRoD). PS3? Well it has the Yellow Light of Death(YLoD). These acronyms not only imply doom, they sometimes really mean it. These conditions can often lead to horrifying experiences and, eventually, it is likely you will need to contact the

Open Umd Case Clean Psp Umd

In the good old days, cleaning a game meant blowing into the cartridge. Now that we use disc storage media, we often have to deal with fingerprints and scratches. Sadly, blowing isn’t enough. The UMD, being a disc, therefore needs the same kind of special attention all such storage medias require. However, because of the

Best Nintendo Console ever Created

Nintendo has been known as having some of the most popular consoles that have ever come into existence.  They have been around and have been one of the biggest factors in the revival of the video game industry.  As far as finding the best one of all-time, it is clearly subjective and one that will

Great Glacier

Great Glacier is possibly the most annoying area to thoroughly explore in Final Fantasy VII because it’s so big. It’s easy for you to get lost since many of the areas look near identical, and because it’s so cold (and Cloud stupidly runs around with no sleeves) your team will pass out if you take

Which is the better Video Game Platform Console or PC – PC

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry producing both PC and Console based games. There has always been a constant battle of “Yin versus Yang” when it comes to what provides the best gaming experience; a computer or a gaming console? From a technical aspect the computer should win hands down for many reasons.

City of the Ancients Ff7 Final Fantasy Vii Psx

Having been knocked unconscious after attacking Aeris and handing the Black Materia to Sephiroth, Cloud finds himself in a calming dream. Aeris is there, too, and she forgives him for his actions, seemingly knowing more than he does. She says she’ll handle Sephiroth and leaves – only for the man himself to interrupt, revealing he’s

What do i do if my Xb360 is Freezing

Is your XB360 freezing up? Unfortunately this a problem that many Xbox 360 users stumble across. If you’re one of these users, there are a few things you should check before sending your Xbox into Microsoft. Firstly, is your Xbox only freezing on a certain game or games? Take the game out of the console

Gaea Cliffs

Whether you pass out and wind up at Holzoff’s cabin or manage to struggle your way there – chances are good it’ll be the former on your first trip – you’ll find a nice place to rest in the hut, plus some important instructions for your next venture: up the Gaea Cliffs. Once your team

News on Super Smash Bros Wii u and 3ds Release Date

The world-renowned Super Smash Bros. series is once again set to return to Nintendo consoles in the very near future as Nintendo have partnered with Namco Bandai games to create Super Smash Bros. Wii U. As the name suggests, for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console. While the title is currently in development as is the game

A look at Resident Evil 6 first Impressions

The globally acclaimed “ÂœResident Evil” franchise is once again set to dominate PS3 and Xbox 360 charts in 2012. The series, which showcases a seamless blend of survival-horror and amazing, immersive storylines has been one of Capcom’™s most critically acclaimed series in history. The much-loved franchise has seen six numbered titles, several spin-offs and even

Video Game Tips Defeating Sledge Borderlands

The first major threat you are likely to face in Badlands is Sledge and because of the free form nature of this game it is possible to reach Sledge and not really have the ability to defeat him, but it is also possible, and quite easy to lose to him when you do not need

Top Classic Action Video Games for Xbox

The Xbox game console was the first of two Microsoft game consoles, the predecessor of the Xbox 360. This console had some great action game titles which ensured the take off of the game console. These were a few of the Xbox action game titles that had millions of fans. Halo: The first game of

Goldeneye 007 Nintendo 64 Unlockable Cheats

Goldeneye 007 is one of the most fun games for the Nintendo 64. The single player mode provides hours of entertainment. After beating the game, the missions can be replayed at various difficulty levels and special cheats can be activated for each stage after achieving certain time objectives. Once a cheat is activated, it is

Icicle Inn

After booting up the second disc you’ll find the team back in the City of the Ancient’s abandoned inn. Leave and head north; Cloud will have a vision of Sephiroth walking north, into the mountains. Hopefully you’ve packed some winter clothing as the weather gets pretty chilly from here on in. Follow Sephiroth’s illusory path.

Congress trying to Place Warning Labels on all Video Games

Video games have transformed from strategy and arcade style gaming to games filled with killing. Of the top ten highest grossing video games of all time listed by Business Insider, violent games hold four of the ten spots, a total of $4.4 billion. The Call of Duty and Halo series are dominating the recent video