A look at the Top Ballet Dance Schools in the United States

People who are interested in becoming professional ballet dancers often want to get accepted at the top ballet dance schools in the United States. These schools are very competitive and accept very few applicants, especially if the pool of dancers has similar qualities. However, a look at the top ballet dance schools in the United States demonstrates why it’s hard to study in these prominent schools.

The Conservatory of Dance

This dance school, located in California, bases its curriculum on building precise technique by professional teaching styles. Although they encourage students to take their ballet craft seriously, they encourage students to also practice other dance disciplines as well. They are a Christian ballet dance program, but willingly accept people of all beliefs if they take ballet dance seriously. The tuition is pricy, so only serious people should enroll.

The Julliard School

This school of performing arts, made famous by the movie and television series “Fame,” is actually one of the top ballet dance schools in the United States. Located in New York City, it is in the epicenter for those who wish to perform on stage. Julliard has been around for 100 years and produced some of the country’s most renowned dancers. The school is very competitive. Applicants have to perform before a committee. The committee then decides whether or not the student fits the credentials set by the institution.

The School of American Ballet

This top ballet dance school produces students that go on to become principle dancers in the New York City ballet. Established in 1934, this school is world renowned for the students that have had dance careers all over the world. The faculty consists of some of the best choreographers from around the world. Students range from ages eight to eighteen and have opportunities to gain dance experience while training at the institute. Because the follow the strict American ballet style, this school is not for those who wish to let their children pursue dance as a hobby.

Houston Ballet Academy

In the 1950s, the Houston Ballet Foundation wanted to make ballet a part of the performance arts scene in the city. When they formed the dance academy, the founders hired Tatiana Semenova, a prominent dancer from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and the American Ballet Theatre. They have programs for children and adults. Students from all over the world come to Houston to study at the academy. They even offer a summer intensive program.

There are ballet dance schools in all of the states in the Union. However, those who take the craft seriously look at the top ballet dance schools in the United States, schools that will give them a chance to pursue dance as a career.