A look at the Top Ballroom Dancing Competitions in the United States

Ballroom dancing is a form of social and recreational dance that is performed by a set of partners. Ballroom dancing is undeniably the most popular form of dance having originated from the early Victorian era where such social dance and recreations were a matter of privileged granted to people belonging into the upper echelons of the society usually monarch and noblemen.

Today, ballroom dancing takes on the form of competitive dance. Ballroom dancing is actually considered as a category in the sports dance. There are a lot of internationally accredited US-based ballroom dancing competitions where a dancer can showcase his/her skill and talent in the field of dancing.

Hence, this article lists some of the most popular ballroom dancing competitions in the United States.

National Dance Sport Championship

The National Dance Sport Championship is one of the most reputable and prestigious ballroom dancing competitions in the United States. The competition is known for having showcased some of the best and most talented dancers in the country. Needless to say, superb dancers such as the likes of 12-time Standard Champion Victor Fung and 13-time Latin Champions – Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova are products of the said competition.

Desert Classic – IDSF Open Latin & Open Standard Championships

Organized by Igor & Irina Suvorov, the Desert Classic IDSF Open Latin & Open Standard is a competition geared towards searching for the best dancers in the land. Apart from that they also used a portion of the profit they generate to fund the formal dance education of poor yet talented aspiring dancers.

Likewise, the competition boasts a whopping $82,650.00 in total prize and awards value – not bad.

Manhattan Amateur Classic – NQE

The Manhattan Amateur Classic or simply known in dance circles as the MAC is one of only few dance competitions that serve as a qualifying event for the National Dance Sport Championship. The coming MAC competition is the 21st of its kind and year after year, the interest just keeps on getting bigger and the stakes – higher.

The MAC also prides itself for being the longest running dance competition in the US.

IDSF World Dance Sport Championship Latin

The International Dance Sport Federation (IDFS) also has its own competition – the ISDF World Dance Sport Competition Latin which is based in the US. For its 2010 tournament, the city of New York has been chosen as its host.