Action Figure Collecting how to Clean your Action Figures

Preserving those precious items that you collect keeps them valuable and in optimal shape. Protecting them should be of the utmost importance to you if they are to remain cherished items for years to come. In order to properly care for your action figures, there are a few techniques available to help clean these action figures.

Keeping your action figures clean is a major endeavour, and one that must be done in a precise manner in order to keep your figures in mint condition, looking pristine and proper. The best method to use for cleaning your action figures is to wear gloves while handling them (gloves without residue or chemicals), and to use a mini air-compressor.

You need to have several basic supplies on hand, such as a can of compressed air, cotton gloves, a safe environment to store them in, and archival quality packing and storing materials.

The cotton gloves will help prevent your action figures from being ruined by the acids and oils trapped within our skin. Wear these while using the compressed air to blow the dirt away. The archival quality packaging prevents chemicals from leaching. This will also keep away harmful things such as dampness, water, rodents, and any other things that may damage your action figures.

If blowing compressed air does not suffice to clean away the dirt and debris, use a Q-Tip soaked in distilled water to gently brush aside damaging dirt. Your action figures will be nice and clean, and can continue to be a source of pride and admiration for years to come.

A mini air-compressor will allow you to blow away unwanted dust and debris, without handling them in any way with your hands (which contain acids which will eat away at the painted exterior of your precious collection). Your figures should also be kept in areas that are neither dark nor dank, and that are easily accessible.

Action figures need to be cleaned periodically, depending on where you store them. When cleaning them, take the proper care and time necessary to do the job efficiently and effectively. This is one of your livelihoods, and cleaning your action figures should be done in a meticulous fashion.

Whether or not you are an avid collector of action figures, or if you just have a few action figures lying around the house, you need to keep them neat and clean on a regular basis. Action figures, like nearly everything else in the house, are fantastic dust collectors. They catch dust and allow it to settle into all of their little nooks and crannies in a very unforgiving manner. Regular dusting, cleansing, and overall care is necessary for your collectibles.

Once every other week at the bare minimum, your action figures should be dusted with a non-abrasive feather duster in order to remove unwanted dead skin from clogging up the spaces in between any movable parts. Once a month your figures should be cleaned either with a soft cloth dampened with a vinegar and water mixture, or with an air compressor. Do not use any type of chemical, or else you will risk damaging the painted finish on your figures.

The cleanliness of your action figures can tell an awful lot about the type of person that you yourself are. If you keep your action figures in a pristine condition, regally sparkling throughout your display case, then you are obviously the type of person that likes order. If you are an aficionado of action figure collecting, then you should also take pride in keeping them looking their best. Your collection can look its absolute best only if you take the time and proper care necessary.

The best way to keep them looking their best is too clean them with a low pressure air compressor. Blowing away the minute dust particles and dirt remnants is very easy to do. If they get too dirty, you need to clean them with a non abrasive rag and a safe cleanser. Check with your local hobby shop enthusiast to suggest the proper cleaner. The different paint used by different manufactures can mean the world of difference to your action figures. The safest way to clean them is with the vinegar and water. This does not need to be done as often as the dusting.

When they are kept clean, you can also display your action figures with the utmost of pride and satisfaction. Make certain that you do not clean them with inappropriate cleansers, or you will ruin them, rendering them useless. Part of being a collector is knowing how to keep your action figures monetarily successful, or in a nice condition if you were to leave them to somebody once you no longer are interested in keeping them, or if you just want to sell them to try and turn a profit.

The preservation of your action figures is important, and if you are not careful when you clean your action figures, they may be damaged or ruined beyond repair. Take care of your things properly, especially when it is a cherished collection.