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Action Figure Collecting how to Store your Loose Action Figures

Regular maintenance and care are a part of the action figure scene. Once you have purchased your action figure, you need to properly house it to fit your needs. If you want to keep them out or put them away for safekeeping, you need to do so properly. Taking proper care of your belongings will help them in the long run, both with their appearance and their financial worth.

Storing your loose action figures is a vital step in the process of being a collector, whether or not you are fanatical or just the casual collector. Realizing that you have a lot of money invested in these action figures, despite the fact that they are no longer in mint condition can help you in your idea of how and where to store them. Be aware of their position in your house so that they do not get mishandled.

If you do not want to have the figures on display in your home, and if you have had enough of them and wish to put them away, there are some good ways to do this. Finding the perfect place to store them can be tough. You want to have them safe, but also easy to get to if you feel the need to bring them out. You should probably seal them in some form of air tight baggy, or wrap them individually and then place them in a secure location. Be certain to label them accordingly for easy access at a later date.

If there are pieces to the figures that are removable, then do so. If the figure is holding a stick or a gun or whatever else, it can dislodge easily and break, rendering the figure useless. Also, remove any batteries that may be associated with the figurine so that they do not leak and damage the figure.

Once you have figured out how to store your figures to preserve them, find the right location, such as in the top of a closet. You do not want to keep them in an area that is prone to water damage. Try and keep all of your figures together in the same location, so that you will not forget about some of them when it comes time to pass them on down to a younger family member, or if you take them to a pawn shop in an attempt to replenish your wallet.

Depending on your storage situation, try and keep them out of direct sunlight, as they could become damaged. Have them sealed tight so that the paint used on them does not begin to rust or rot away if there was any prior damage to your no longer mint condition figure. Storing your action figures in the appropriate manner will ensure their condition at a later time.

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