Action Figure Collecting

Action Figure Collecting Whats the Attraction

The year was 1978 and I was 12, an awkward tomboy. I was in love and I still am to this day.

He was my first, he wore a faded white wrap around shirt, dirty looking tan pants and carried a blaster. He had blond hair, blue eyes and was a comfortable if not convenient 31/4 inches tall…it was Luke Skywalker, my first action figure. I have collected hundreds by now.

Why do I do this? What is the attraction, the fascination, you ask?

As soon as I pick up a character I am reminded of movie scenes, even book scenes. I think about their stories and the whole Star Wars universe. I am even taken back to my childhood, playing with the other kids in th neighborhood and our action figures. We had almost enough between us to act out the whole movie.

When a child enters my family room their mouths drop open and they stop. I have a wall to wall, floor to ceiling Star Wars collection. Quite a few are still in their packages. A lot, though, are open because the value of my action figure collection is intrinsic, personal. I want to touch each one, handle them, position them and change the positions. I want to pass them back and forth with others and talk about the figures and the movies.

Some of the figures I own are worth some money. I have not opened them. I’m proud to show them off. Proud to tell the story of how I came by a particular figure. There are a number of other items in my Star Wars collection but the one that has given my the greatest joy is my action figure collection.

Friends and family go to the store with me and lose me all the time, but they know right where to go, the toy department, in the action figure aisle. I have to have every action figure I can afford from the Star Wars line. Will it ever be enough? No. As long as LucasFilm licenses action figures for Star Wars I will buy them.

I go online and spend hours looking for just the right one at just the right price. I won’t buy it until I know it is right. I go to thrift stores and dig through toy shelves for discard figures worth gold to me. Little boys walk past and I stop waiting until they leave to resume my hunt. Senior citizens peek around the corner from the next aisle when I shout “Wow” or “Yes” in triumph.

My husband and kids buy me toys for Christmas even though I am well into my forties. My mom wonders when the fad will be over and I say confidently “Never.”