Air Running on World 16 Runescape Runecrating

-Runescape Air Running-What is it?

Air running is the easiest way of getting free cash$$ and or runecrafting experience. The most popular world to Air Running is done on World 16. a free world.

-The three Roles in Air Running

-Role one…Runner

While in world 16, you will find that there are numerous people walking back and forth to the air alter. This is because they are essence runners. They run back and forth trading 25 essences for 25 noted essences and 2k(2000 gp). How a runner’s inventory should be prepared as following: 25 unoted essences, and an air talisman or taira, simple as that. To retrieve your 25 noted essences and 2k trade with someone saying open, and then bank your noted essence and redo. This method is very effective if you are training a new account or if its your first time playing, because you can make 2000+ gp each round.

-Role two…Assister

What is an assister? An assister is someone who has 55-99 runecrafting level, and are using the recently new Require Assisting tool, to gain runecraft experience, If you are someone trying to make money but don’t care if you gain xp, then assisting these people is right for you, There runecraft level is yours when assist them, there for if the can craft 9 air runes from one essence you can get almost 4k per trip from airs. All you have to do is find someone saying runecraft multiplier and name, for example if my name was Runeplayer231 and i had the skill level to craft 7 air runes per essence i would say, 7x assist-Runeplayer321. You can only gain 30, 000 xperience from Require Assisting tool.

-Role three…Runecrafter

This is someone who trades the runner unoted essence for noted essences and 2k, what this person should have is 1000+ noted essences, quite a bit of money and an air tiara. Sit in the air alter in world 16 and say Open 2k + ess back-runeplayer321. When someone trades with you, offer them 25 noted essences and 2k and wait for them to offer 25 unoted essences, then accept. and then craft runes. i would not promote doing this until you have at least enough skill level to craft 6 runes per essence, for you will not make profit it your lower. This method is probably the easiest amongst f2p runecrafters to raise runecrafting experience.

-My Air Running guide- Hope it helps-