Alphabet Craft Projects for Kids Learning Crafts for Kids how to Teach Kids the Alphabet

Children enjoy learning when it triggers all of their senses, especially touch, sound and sight. Associating letters with colored pictures and texture makes learning a lot more fun than just sitting around and being ‘told’ what is what and why. Combining the alphabet with art is a great way to inspire them on their learning path.

Depending on the age group and class size, or perhaps you are home schooling, everyone can create their own alphabet letters. Give a child a paint brush, glue, scrap paper, felt, stuffing, easy sewing kits, buttons, ribbons and anything else in the art cabinet and the alphabet will never be the same!

You can divide the class up into small groups and give them each a few letters to create, or if a class size of 13 each child can have 2 letters. Ask them to create their alphabet letters with the paint, felt, buttons, etc, in both an Upper case and Lower case. Then they get to pick three words (animals, favorite objects, maybe places they have visited) that correspond to that letter. Once their letters are made, they can present them to the class and spell out the words they have chosen. Kids are natural creators and love to show and tell for each other.

If your children are not of the age to create their own crafts, they are still reliant upon touch and sight. Making stuffed alphabet letters that little children can hold onto while you introduce the sound of the letter will help them associate that letter with the sound you are making. They will repeat the sound after you. The more colorful and sensory the letters, the more interesting the experience is for them. Reading the letters out of a book works is great for their listening skills but you have seen how young children love to reach out for objects and hold onto them. Being able to grab onto a letter B or C will intrigue them, as will your voice when you call out the letters as they are grasping them.

Another fun craft is to bake sugar cookie alphabet letters with the class or bake them yourself. Hold up the cookie and have the children guess the letter, then they have to name something that starts with that letter and also spell out the word in order to get the cookies. Or divide them into teams, this way everyone should be able to share in the cookies and it keeps their thinking hats on!

Children love to learn and by making it a ‘hands on’ experience, you can inspire them further on every level; mentally, visually and emotionally.