An Explanation of all the Benefits of Gardening as a Recreational Activity

Gardening can sometimes be perceived as a hobby most suited to retirement, but there are many reasons why gardening is a great hobby for people of any age.  Whether it’s for visual appeal, creating a green and peaceful place to relax and socialize, or the bounty of home-grown fruit and vegetables, gardening offers many rewards.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of space for a garden.  You can have one on a window ledge or balcony, inside or outside, according to the space available.

There is the opportunity to grow useful things such as fruit, vegetables and herbs.  You can also grow trees, plants and flowers for the pleasure of viewing them, as well as the fresh air and fragrances they can provide.

Gardening also promotes fitness.  Admittedly, growing a few pot plants will not provide a great deal of activity, but putting in a vegetable garden and tending it certainly will.

Gardening is a hobby that you can spend as much or as little time as you have available, whenever you have it available.  A garden can be planned according to the time you wish to spend on it.

Another benefit of having gardening as a hobby is the ability to produce fresh and healthy food.  Not only does home grown produce taste better, it is the ultimate in “convenience food” to have items such as tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs right on hand when you need them.

Gardening brings you close to the earth and it can be very satisfying, not to mention relaxing, to spend time tending to and enjoying your garden. 

Taking up gardening as a hobby can expand your friendships.  A great number and variety of people are interested in gardening and they are usually keen to chat about their interest and provide advice.  Most areas will have a garden club of some description where like-minded people can share their experience.

You don’t need to know much about gardening in order to take it up as a hobby.  There are many plants that are low maintenance and easy to grow.

Gardening can be a cheap hobby.  While you can spend a lot of money if you wish to, you can also spend very little.  Inexpensive tools and plants can be acquired at chain stores and markets and you can always swap seeds and cuttings with other gardeners.

Gardening can be a competitive hobby.  You may be keen to grow the biggest pumpkin, the most perfect orchid, produce the best dryland or ecologically friendly or cleverly designed garden.  Gardening competitions are run by numerous organisations; from the local garden club to international competitions, not to mention those run by gardening magazines and television programs.

Gardening is a hobby you can share with your children.  It doesn’t take much time or money to set up a few pots or a small garden bed.  Looking after the plants, watching them grow and then enjoying the visual and edible results is a great family activity.

There are few downsides to having gardening as a hobby and many benefits.  Whatever climate you live in, nurturing a garden is an excellent way to spend your leisure time.