An Introduction to Concert Performance and Theatre Dance

Dance is one of the most popular visual arts in the world. It is a form of art that people enjoy studying, participating in and watching. It is an activity that people do to keep fit and to enjoy as a leisure activity. Some people even choose dance as a career. However, dance is not just a singular activity; there are many different forms of dance that have been influenced by many cultures and have changed and advanced over history. Some types of dance are grouped together and placed in categories. These include concert, performance and theater dance. Here is an overview of these disciplines.

Concert and performance dance

These categories of dance are actually the same thing but while some people call the group of dances involved concert dance, others call them performance dance. Broadly speaking, this form of dance includes disciplines such as ballet, classical Indian dance, belly dancing, classical Persian dance and acrobatic dance. There have also been some modern additions to be included in this group of dances. These include hip hop, contemporary dance, jazz, modern and tap dance.

These forms of dance are typically performed for an audience or as part of a celebration. There is a clear distinction between the dancers and the audience. Classical Indian dance and ballet are two of the earliest forms of this dance and these have greatly influenced newer additions to this category of dancing.

Theater dance

There are many similarities between concert dance and theater dance in the sense that it has the same influences and origins. In modern times theater dance is recognized as dancing that is specifically performed in theaters and is often associated with musical theater and the style of dancing that is typically taught in dance and performing arts schools. Many of the examinations that dance students work towards are based on the concept of theater dance. Theater dance is also sometimes called stage dance and may include other skills such as theater craft and choreography.


Dance is a fantastic pastime for many people both to participate in and to watch. There are many different types of dance from around the world and many of these have changed throughout history. These forms of dance can be grouped into broader categories of dance including concert or performance dance and theater dance. Although these different categories of dance have similar origins and influences, they are viewed differently.