An Introduction to the sensible Soccer Game Series

Sensible Soccer is a soccer game series that was, for a period, one of the biggest sport games. In the early 1990s the first of the Sensible Soccer games arrived on the Atari and Amiga platforms. Then it soon emerged as one of the most playable soccer games on any console.

The first Sensible Soccer game included a zoomed out bird’s – eye – view of the soccer pitch. It was also one of the first that would encompass the global game. It included divisions from around the globe, and thousands of teams from which to select from. The huge database firstly included real players.

Sensible Soccer’s fanbase quickly expanded. It was ported onto a variety of console formats, including the 16 – bit consoles SEGA Genesis and Super Famicom. It was also ported to portable consoles such as the Game Boy and Game Gear.

This first Sensible Soccer title was a 2D soccer game. In that respect the sequels and unofficial updates were much the same. Additions to the game series included Sensible Soccer International Edition, Sensible World of Soccer and Sensible World Of Soccer European Championship Edition. Sensible World of Soccer included over 1,500 teams. Each of the additions had refinements and team updates.

Then there came Sensible Soccer ’98. This was the first in the Sensible Soccer game series which embraced 3-D. As such, it abandoned the bird’s-eye perspective of previous games in the series, and in that respect was not especially similar to previous Sensible Soccer titles.

The somewhat ineffective transition to 3-D all but ensured something of a decline for the game series. But in 2006 a new generation of Sensible Soccer games was sparked by Sensible Soccer 2006. This Sensible Soccer title included cell shaded graphics, and retained the original feel of earlier game titles. Check out this Sensible Soccer 2006 video.

A brief Sensible Soccer revival followed. On the Xbox Live Arcade Sensible World of Soccer made a comeback. That was a revamp of the original game title.

Overall, there have been approximately 12 Sensible Soccer game titles. Those games are as follows:

• Sensible Soccer

• Sensible Soccer 92/93

• Sensible Soccer International Edition

• Sensible World of Soccer

• Sensible World of Soccer 95–96

• Sensible World Of Soccer European Championship Edition

• Sensible World Of Soccer 96–97

• Sensible World Of Soccer 97–98

• Sensible World Of Soccer 97–98 World Cup Edition

• Sensible Soccer 98

• Sensible Soccer 98 European Club Edition

• Sensible Soccer 2006

Today the Sensible Soccer games have largely been eclipsed by the FIFA soccer series. However, the retro games still have fans. Check out the Sensible Soccer website for further details on the games.