Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

It’s hard to be sure whether anatomically correct dolls are particularly harmful.  They are not, however, necessary for small children.  The fact is that children really do not care if their dolls have all the same parts that humans do.  All they want is to have a doll to cuddle and hold like a mother does her baby.  As they grow, they may prefer fashion dolls, which are essentially doll size mannequins.  Either way, it serves no purpose for these dolls to be anatomically correct.

A baby doll is usually a child’s first doll.  They are often a soft body combined with plastic arms and legs.  The soft body allows your child to cuddle her baby doll, while the plastic arms, legs and face give it an appearance more like a real baby.  Most children, especially little girls, love these dolls.  If these dolls were anatomically correct, it may present a problem, however, due to the fact that very few of these dolls keep their clothes on for very long.  Children love figuring out how to take the clothes off of their dolls, but very few of them ever put the clothes back on.  Having an anatomically correct baby doll may present an embarrassing issue when company comes around.

As little girls grow older, they may start to want to play with fashion dolls, such as Barbie and Ken dolls.  People have long debated whether to make these dolls anatomically correct.  This could cause problems in so many ways.  It is important to remember that these dolls are modeled after adults.  We really do not want to encourage our children to see people without their clothes on, so why would we make the dolls look like a real person?    It is also important to remember that these dolls are mostly made with the idea in mind of changing their clothes frequently.  They are nothing but miniature mannequins.  Full size mannequins are not anatomically correct, so having a doll that is, is just silly.  If you want to make them more correct, perhaps the answer is simply to paint underwear on them, similar to paper dolls.

It may or may not be harmful to children to have anatomically correct dolls, but it is definitely unnecessary.  In the end, leave the dolls the way they are, and do not fix something that is not broken.