Are Board Games or Video Games more Entertaining – Board

I think there equally entertaining to different generations . Board games very often represent some family time of fun with friends . They are more about fun rather than best scores . In each forum it is nice to win but the isolation that these video games bring and there content are worrying.

Spending time weather it’s while doing the dishes or playing games brings back the human touch . All to often our younger generations are spending too much time in the fantasy realm surrounded by death and conquest. The scary thing is we need to embrace progress and change but is it advisable to have your television as the baby sitter .

We are a product of our environment but we must take ownership our actions . A harmonious home environment permeated by love , listening and understanding is not easily attained with the time constraints of today world . But surely we can find some middle ground .Kids most surely need to be entertained but often are not show-in the many different forms entertainment takes .

The social development of future generations is changing and surely history will be the judge of weather we dropped the catch on this one . The wonderful thing is where
thinking about it .

Games like chess, Monopoly and pass the pigs all have there place weather it’s a drunken session with friends or a family tradition there all great fun .As for video games my life’s experiences don’t qualify me to judge.