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Are Life and Art Inseparable Vision Awe Artist

This is a question with little logic behind it as anyone who steps outside of the 3-D world we live in will see that they are one and the same.

Life IS art, and every aspect of life on this planet is art in some form or another. From sports and physical activities, to the expression of emotion, to scenes in a far off place, away from civilization. Boxing and martial arts is an art form, movement. The human body is a work of art. A baby holding its mothers hand for the first time. A volcanic eruption caught on camera at the right time. Art is seen all around to those aware enough to appreciate it. The ability to percieve light is the ability to view the world, and you cannot view the world without witnessing works of art all around.

If art is an expression of oneself, and humans and animals the world over express themselves every second of everyday, one might call Earth, the greatest work of art there is. A picnic with the family on a sunny day, a walk with your lover in the pouring rain, roughhousing with the kids in the backyard, its all an expression of love, compassion, adventure, and its these things and much more that make up art. The sketched and painted artworks we stare at in galleries with awe, are the expression of the artist, he himself created the art before he put it to canvas for the world to appreciate and admire.

The definition of art being to create or craft, then one cannot commit any action without forming some sort of art. We create sound with melody, we speak stories to our loved ones, we imagine, an artist can have a load of ideas and not put one to paper, and still in my opinion he is no less an artist. He is merely creating art within himself and has yet to reveal it to the world. Taking the whole concept of art into account, one would agree that when a painter is not painting, a sketch artist is not sketching, and a film director is not directing, they are creating art in other forms.

To be presented with a question of whether art and life are inseparable, i say yes, they cannot exist without eachother. If they were separable then i would feel for those who do not have the concept of true art in thier lives.

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