Are standing ovations becoming overused by theater audiences? – No

Standing ovations are not being overused by theatre audiences. Actually, I don’t believe there are any facts to back up what I have to say other than first hand experience at the theatre.

As I have stated in my other column in my effort to compromise with the hight cost of gasoline I have taken up a love for the theatre. Personally I don’t think that I have ever been to a theatre where there hasn’t been a standing ovation.

Not only is it a courtesay to the members of the company putting on the performance but it is also acknowledgement of the behind the players staff who work tremendously hard to achieve success at a level that only the talented artist would understand. It is a three cheers if you like and a hip hip horay appreciation of the evenings performance.

In other times people would usually give a standing ovation to the lead actor, actoress or the singers who should an outstanding performance. Personally unless you are a critic of the theatre I would guess that everyone attending would be happy to be entertained by those willing to go on infront of an unknown crowd and perform in another character that is not their true personality and give it all they have.

A standing ovation is an appreciative effort by the audience and cheaper than a bouquet of flowers or throwing money as the vaudeville audiences use to do. The old saying “don’t clap just throw money” is now used to get people’s attention in a friendly gesture and pleasureable atmosphere of joking around.

If one likes a certain performer one can stand for that person alone or the whole troup. The loudness of the clapping is an indicator of who was the most outstanding in the audience
s mind but there again that is a general view of an evening and not a critical view of the performers.

I think to each his own and if you like to stand on behalf of your favourite performer or clap exceptionally loud or whistle and throw money. It is certainly your choice. But the actors do deserve a round of acknowledgement whether the night was good, bad or indifferent. Like life actors can have an off day just as easily as anyone else and often this attitude is catchey on stage just as elation is catchy on stage.

No we don’t over use a standing ovation we just have more theatre to go to and this is also in vogue. More theatre means more standing ovations! In the theatre only, I’ll stand for something and I will fall for anything, I think theatre live is really tops.