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Are Wood Elves Glade Riders Good Fast Cavalry in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Greatest Riders of the Old World

Glade Riders are amongst the best horse riders in the Old World in Warhammer, few men can match their agility and grace and few human horses cab keep pace with the legendary swift Elven Steeds.  The Wood Elves do not view their Elven Steeds as property unlike other races; they develop a deep bond so that both rider and mount seem to act almost as one entity.  Glade Riders are also skilled at riding full tilt through the forests that are their homelands, a feat others cannot hope to match.

Woodland Riders

Glade Riders are a core choice of Fast Cavalry for Wood Elves in Warhammer Fantasy battle.  Glade riders have the option of upgrading one Glade Rider to a Horsemaster, a Musician and a Standard Bearer.  They come equipped with spear and long bows and ride atop swift Elven Steeds.

Usually the only upgrade I take for Glade Riders is the Musician, Standard bearers give away too many victory points if captured for a cheap unit and the extra bow skill of the Horsemaster is not overly useful.  Like all Fast Cavalry Glade Riders have the associated movement bonus plus the fact as Wood Elves they may move without penalty through woods.  Glade Riders are quite expensive for a Fast Cavalry unit so I usually take just the 5 and upgrade one to a Musician.  Since they are quite expensive you should try to avoid enemy missile fire and magical attacks, some army’s missile attacks can be avoided with good movement particulary if they have move or fire weapons.

If you want a Fast Cavalry unit to attack war machines and other small or isolated units I find Wild Riders of Kurnous a better option and only slightly more expensive, Wild Riders also have other uses.  I use Glade Riders as mainly harassing troops preventing marching and drawing off Frenzied units; they also add a few extra bowshots to the army.  At a push they are capable of dealing with war machine crews and can add that extra push needed to break a protracted combat particulary if you have decided to use your special slots for other troops.

An unusual option is to take Glade Riders as core so you can have an entirely mounted Fast Cavalry type army with Warhawk Riders and Wild Riders of Kurnous as your other troops.  You also take all your characters mounted too either on Elven Steeds or the more exotic mounts, this army can run rings around less mobile armies picking off targets as they please and avoiding others, the weakness of it of course is from shooting and magic.  It does make a different and interesting army to play though.

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