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Artwork Bouquet of Sunflowers by Claude Monet

“Bouquet of Sunflowers” is one of seven paintings by Claude Monet submitted to the seventh Impressionist exhibition in 1882. During a period of financial crisis, this famous French painter chose to find subject matter for the exhibition in his own garden. Monet painted bouquets of Sunflowers, Dahlias, Mallows, Asters, Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers, Chrysanthemums, and Red Chrysanthemums in hopes of impressing the masters and his efforts definitely paid off. This beautifully executed painting is housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and is one of the more sought after subjects for art replication today.

Claude Monet was born in Paris in 1840 and longed to be a painter from an early age. Despite his father’s desire for him to go into the family grocery business, Claude went to Le Havre secondary school of art at the age of 11 and began making a name for himself in the art world. He is considered the Father of the Impressionist style and was devoted to the ideals of the Impressionist movement.

Impressionism is the term to designate the work of artists who desire to share independence and allegiance to modern expression. In fact, the term is derived from one of Monet’s paintings entitled “Impression, soleil levant”, meaning “Impression on Sunrise”. Monet’s portrayal of hazy light, air, and motion allow the essential elements of the work to shine through and bring the focus of the viewer to a deeper interpretation.

Although Monet’s choice of subject for “Bouquet of Sunflowers” was born out of necessity, it is evident that this French Impressionist also loved gardening. In a quote from intermonet.com, Monet says “Gardening was something I learned in my youth when I was unhappy. I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Flowers became one of Monet’s favorite still life subjects. In another quote he says, “More than anything I must have flowers, always, always.” One can only imagine what a welcoming array of color these bright gold sunflowers growing along the garden steps, must have been for Monet as he traveled to his outdoor haven.

The painting is depicted in oils on an approximate 39 ¾ x 32 inch canvas. Its misty hues of gold and yellow sunflowers, displayed in a Japanese style vase, sit atop a red clothed table and are contrast nicely against the blue background. Although the image is soft, the colors are vibrant and give the viewer the veiled perception of early morning light through a haze.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a quote from Vincent van Gogh that reads, “Gauguin was telling me the other day that he had seen a picture by Claude Monet of sunflowers in a large Japanese vase, very fine, but – he likes mine better. I don’t agree.” Vincent wrote this statement in a letter to his brother Theo, showing his own admiration of Monet’s style and expertise. Art replication was a popular practice during Monet’s time and artist often copied or mimicked each other’s work. There are several modern day artisans and collectors that desire to own a copy of this painting. Reproductions, as well as prints of “Bouquet of Sunflowers” are available in today’s market and are sold for a few hundred dollars. The original painting has an estimated value of over 20 million US dollars.

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