Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Baby dolls are a great Christmas gift for toddlers, but not all baby dolls are appropriate for toddlers. If you are going to buy a toddler a baby doll this Christmas there are certain things that you want to remember when purchasing a baby doll.

A toddler girl is usually thought of as a child between the ages of 1 and 3. At this age, many toddlers are still sticking items in their mouth, so you have to be careful with baby dolls that may have choking hazards, such as small pieces attached to them. Also, consider the age of the toddler you are buying the baby doll for. If she is only a year old, you won’t want to get her an advanced and complicated baby doll that can easily be broken. A basic and simple baby doll that can survive being thrown around would be the best Christmas gift. After considering all the factors for buying a baby doll for a Christmas gift for a toddler, here are the best baby dolls to choose from.

Sing and Learn Baby Doll
This is a great Christmas gift for toddlers as these baby dolls will also help to teach the toddler to count and sing their ABCs. When you press the baby doll’s tummy, they will either sing their ABCs or count from 1-10. They also help to promote and teach motor skills and develop the toddler’s senses. You can choose from a baby doll that is either dressed in a cow, bunny, frog, or duck costume. These baby dolls are quite inexpensive as they retail for around $11.

Baby Stella Doll
Baby Stella dolls are soft, fleece-like baby dolls that are great for toddlers. All of her features are embroidered on and she is a soft and cuddly baby doll. Your toddler will love playing and cuddling with this doll. The Baby Stella doll includes a magnetic pacifier that attaches to her mouth, a removable diaper and a soft sleeper outfit. This doll also comes in different skin tones so you can get the one that matches your toddler. The Baby Stella doll retails for approximately $30.

Fisher Price Little Mommy Sweet as Me Dolls
These baby dolls come in a variety of different styles and hair and skin colors. They offer Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and African American dolls in this line of baby dolls. All the different baby dolls are dressed up for places to go such as ballet, to the park, or ready to go swimming. These dolls are recommended for age 18 months and up so you if you have a younger toddler this may appeal to you especially. Little Mommy dolls retail between $15-$20 depending on the doll.

Cabbage Patch Newborn Dolls
Who doesn’t remember the Cabbage Patch dolls from the 80’s? Well, these newborn Cabbage Patch dolls are made for the younger girls. Each of these dolls comes with it’s own storybook and accessories. along with the traditional Cabbage Patch doll birth certificate. These newborn Cabbage Patch dolls have soft bodies with only a hard head, so it makes it soft enough for a toddler to play with but also durable. You can find these dolls at stores for approximately $17.

All of these best baby dolls for toddlers can be found at and at if you are interested in purchasing them for Christmas gifts for a toddler.