Baby Quilts Free Quilt Patterns

Tradition tends to rear her head when a new baby is due. For many be they the Mom to be or an adoring family member one of the most beloved traditions is the handmade baby quilt. Baby quilts have been a baby shower staple for hundreds of years and many people pour their hearts and hopes into these tiny useful treasures.

Once the decision to make a quilt has happened the next step is to choose a pattern.  Quilters are known for collecting patterns, hence the sampler quilt but sometimes what one has in their personal library just doesn’t fit the baby to be. Not a problem there are many places to go to look for new or even old quilt patterns.  The cost of said patterns though can easily turn a quilter off. Not a if you know where to find free patterns.

In this reality the first place one thinks of for free items is online.   Whether you search Craigslist  or quilting groups blogs there are millions upon millions of sites to look for free patterns. Simply go into your search engine and punch in “free quilting patterns” and sites from all over the world will appear in front of you.  Many sites will let you print off full size templates as well as directions on how to make the quilts.   Some will even help you figure out how much material you will need.

The computer is not the only place to search for free patterns.  Many libraries carry quilting books that can be borrowed.  The library is the perfect place to find free patterns.  Many even have DVDs of quilting shows for the quilters pleasure.  Magazines on quilting are also often found at the library.  If you are lucky the library will have old newspapers on their computers or micro fish. This is lucky because back in the 1930’s and earlier it was common for newspapers to print quilt patterns or patterns of the month for the house wives.  These old often unique patterns can be awe inspiring.  If your town has a genealogy group or foundation these old patterns may be found there as well.  Many of these organizations have old quilts that inspiration can be gleaned from.

Grabbing your camera and hitting up a local quilting show can also inspire the quilter.  True some shows will not let you take pictures but many do and taking a few snap shots of quilts you can make later on at home is a great way to find new or improved patterns.  The same can be said for museums or even family members quilts.   This may be the most difficult way of finding patterns not because they are hard to find but because the patterns will need to be figured out by the maker.

LAst but not least go home and look through your magazines and quilting books.  Baby quilts do not need to be certain “soft” patterns. They can be any pattern. Lone stars can be made in small blocks or on a smaller scale.  ANy applique can be revamped for a smaller quilt as can pretty much any block pattern.  Cross stitch patterns too can be used to creat beautiful quilts.

Baby quilts are often most aew inspiring gifts, beloved cuddlies and treasuerd keep sakes.  In many families they have been passed down from one generation to the next and loved by each.  No one remembers where a pattern came from so go out and find some free ones.