Ballet Company Reviews San Francisco Ballet

Since 1933 a lot has changed in San Francisco Ballet; a lot, except its grace and powerful youth.

Recognizing the need for a thriving school that would prepare dancers to appear in opera productions, Gaetano Merola, the founding director of San Francisco Opera, established San Francisco Ballet in 1933. At that time, San Francisco was the only American city, other than New York, to present a ballet academy as a support to a reputable opera company. Initially, under the direction of Adolph Bolm and then under the mastering guidance of William Christensen, San Francisco Ballet acquired an independent shape becoming a Company ballet master.

For forty-five years, under the direction of Christensen brothers (William, Harold and Lew), the San Francisco Ballet Company was American trained. Evolving into one of the country’s premium classical academies, the school initiated scholarship programs and included plentiful outstanding classical ballet teachers.

Today, San Francisco Ballet Company exposes a renowned international staff under the direction of Lola de Avila and produces well-trained dancers, who are ready to dance with professional companies nationally and internationally.

In 2008, San Francisco Ballet Company has celebrated its 75th birthday showing that Merola’s dream to elevate San Francisco to a “high position in the realm of dance” has become true.

Some of the Company’s most sparkling stars were on stage, dancing with an urge to show the magnificence of the school. The New York critics claimed that the San Francisco Ballet Company gained exposure to American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet. And local critics saw the gala through their eyes claiming that San Francisco Ballet is the best the Bay can expose to the world. Yet, anyone who was at the Memorial Opera House would have said that San Francisco Ballet was at its finest performance showing the world their best.

As part of the celebrations, the San Francisco Ballet made a national tour in Chicago, Costa Mesa, Orange County and Washington featuring ballets from “New Works Festival”, the finale of the Company’s 2008 season. The “New Works Festival” introduced in three consecutive nights premieres of ten fresh ballets by ten key choreographers.

Timeless, mysterious and captivating, the San Francisco Ballet Company has acquired international reputation as one of the distinguished and innovative ballet companies in America. By assigning works of art by some of today’s most famous choreographers to young, talented dancers and featuring new versions of classic full-length productions, the San Francisco Ballet Company offers a refined, diverse international repertory that guarantees relentless entertainment for all audiences.