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Basic Guide to Bead Weaving Craft Projects

If the sight of tiny seed beads gets you excited, you might like to try bead weaving. While others concentrate on making beaded jewelry, bead weavers can create flat picture creations to use in their fashionable ways. This article gives you a basic guide to bead weaving with a needle. No bead looms or other special equipment are needed.

Uses for Bead Weaving Projects

Bead weaving results in a flat piece of beading. These creations show pictures or icons, or are done in patterns. Southwester style bead weaving is popular, as is Native American style.

Finished bead weaving pieces decorate clothing and fabric decor, belts, hats, and other accessories. They can be used for flat jewelry pieces as well, such as pins or hair clips.

How to Bead Weave with a Needle

The first step to bead weaving is creating a pattern. Use graph paper to design a picture or pattern that you would like to create. You can also find bead weaving patterns in some craft books or online.

Begin bead weaving by threading beading quality thread onto a beading needle. You might like to use a very skinny quilting needle if the beading needle is too long.

Thread on the first row of seed beads. Every spot on the graph paper indicates which color of seed bead you should use to make the picture or pattern. Position the work so that it matches the graph and leave a long tail or a knot at the end of the beading thread.

When the first row is complete, turn the beading needle and push it through the second to last bead, forming a loop over the final bead in the row. Push the needle through the rest of the beads in the first row.

The second row and all subsequent rows are working in the same way. Begin by threading all applicable seed beads onto the thread. Then loop the needle and thread through the loop covering the last bead on the first row. This attaches the two rows together.

Now, thread the needle back into the second row of beads. Ever three or four beads, loop the thread over the first row’s thread before returning to the current row of beads. Repeat these instructions for as many rows of beads that you need.

Bead weaving is a great hobby for those who like working with delicate seed beads. The finished patterns can be used for a variety of projects such as pins, purses, belts, and clothing.

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