Become a Freelance Photographer

Becoming a Freelance Photographer

Essentially a freelance photographer is a self employed person doing a job for another company. Magazines, newspapers, etc., use freelance photographers in order to cut cost. With freelance your work has to be top notch, because you don’t work for anyone; you are trying to get them to purchase your work for their use. The companies benefit because they only need to pay for the work they want to use, so in my eyes it’s win-win.

If you think your work is up to par the first major step is to build a clientele. One good approach to this is to go out and purchase the Photographers Market book. This book is printed yearly and each year’s copy is worth holding onto, some advertisers don’t print their contacts each year. With this book you can find the market you are looking to get into, from cards and calenders to magazines. After finding the market you would like to enter, each section has a list of possible contacts. Go through these and they will tell you how much experience is needed. Find some that are for beginners to build your portfolio up.

Have a pen and paper beside you and go through the book and jot down possible clients. Jot down the contact’s name, address, company name, and what they are looking for. Once you have your list made read the rest of the book; there is tons of invaluable information in here. They will teach you how to create your letter to send to the company, how to start your business on the right foot and various other things.

Now you just need to get out there and build up your stock images. These are images that you can sell to a company that needs a particular image. This is how one image can continue to make you money for years to come, not just a one time deal. There are also many agencies out there that will market your stock portfolio for you. With these you just go out and shoot, edit and upload to site and let them take care of the sales.
Now when an agency is taking care of your stock portfolio it is not uncommon for them to take around 50% or a little more or less of your sales. I belong to a micro stock site and have put minimal effort into building it up and have been quite pleased with the payouts I have received. If you do a search for stock photography you will find all kinds of sites to belong to, or click stock photography to go where I belong.
Out of the many sites I have checked out this has been my favorite and I have just signed an exclusive agreement with them. What this means is that I can only sell my stock images through their site or personally on my own, no other agency, but I get a bigger payout. So look into these two places and keep working on your photography and you will be out there in no time making an income as a freelancer.