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Becoming an Anime Artist

Anime is an art style used in Japan in their animations and comics. Generally when people think of anime they instantly think of the long pointed faces, large eyes, tiny dot of a nose and large mouths that are present in very stereotypical anime drawings. This is not the template for every anime artist out there.

Before you even think about becoming an anime artist, take a look at other artist’s work and look at the variations in art styles. Anime is a broad genre of art, and styles can vary from the comic chibis to elegant bishonen to semi realistic. There is no real restriction on what anime should look like, and it is always a good idea when attempting any type of art style to investigate what other artists have done within the style.

Becoming an anime artist is not just about mimicking an art style, it is about understanding the way the human body works and translating that style. Doing life drawing first is essentially, especially when it comes to drawing characters in proportion so that they don’t look like they were drawn by a child or a novice.

Practising life drawing is important, as it teaches you about how to draw forms and shapes. In the industry, when an anime artist applies for a job, indeed when any type of artist applies for a job, they have to show that they can draw from life first before they show any other type of work. This shows that they understand perspective and how people move and interact with each other.

The next stage is to try drawing anime characters and scenes. Drawing from references is a good way to start, but you should try to draw your own characters and ideas after that to expand your style and help you grow. Anime is not an easy art style to draw right and it is very easy to make it look childish and amateur unless you have studied real people and done traditional artwork first.

There are hundreds of books and online web tutorials on the subject of drawing anime, some are useful and some are not so useful. It is up to you to hunt them down and find out what works for you. Each anime artist is different and has a different method and style.

Anime is a fun style to use for drawing and can allow you to create some very interesting characters and scenes. The most important thing to remember while drawing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you enjoy drawing something, the odds are that someone else will enjoy seeing it!

It may be a good idea to join an online art community and show your work to others for critique. Ask people for help and they will mostly be glad to give you pointers on your art. Have fun and enjoy what you draw!

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