Benefits Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a delightful combination of sport and art that has found renewed recognition in recent years with the extreme popularity of such shows as Dancing with the Stars and So you Think you can Dance. More would-be dancers are walking through studio doors than ever, and they are finding that ballroom dancing is a fun activity for the whole familyone that has many benefits.


Everyone needs a little exercise in their life, and ballroom dancing is a fun and entertaining way to get it without the drudgery of a treadmill. According to, ballroom dancing burns an average of 374 calories per hour for a 150-pound person. That’s more than a Snickers bar or a grande latte with whole milk!

Ballroom dancing is an aerobic activity, improving heart health and cardiovascular fitness, but it also requires strengthtoning muscles. Many people who start ballroom dancing find they lose a lot of weight just because of the increased activity, without changing their eating habits.

A Fun Social Outlet

Another benefit of Ballroom dancing is that it is a wonderful way to either spend more time with your significant other or to meet a lot of new people. Classes are generally designed to let students trade partners, improving their own dancing skills while they meet othersallowing singles the chance to participate. At dance parties, mingling is encouraged and people often dance with many partners in one night, even people they have never met before. Mixers arrange for dancers to change partners every 30 seconds or so for several songs.

Ballroom dancing is also a good way to improve your relationship with your significant other. It is something that encourages you to spend time together and cooperate in order to learn and improve, as well as giving you something to talk about.

Many Ways to Enjoy

There are many different ways to enjoy ballroom dancing. Each person has their own idea of how seriously they want to invest themselves in the hobby, whether just learning a few steps for fun, taking intensive coaching for competition, or any manner of levels in between. Even competitions have opportunities for everyone from beginners to professionals to participate and dance against those with a similar skill level. Competitions are a fun way to travel, dress in nice costumes and show off what you have learned, but not everyone enjoys the atmosphere. The vast majority of dancers simply want to go out and have fun.

Ballroom dancing is increasing in popularity every year. With so many psychological and physical benefits, it is easy to see why.