Best Harry Potter Toys

The franchise may have grown up a bit over time, but Harry Potter will always be rooted in childlike mysticism and wonder. As a fantasy series (and one that’s been turned into movies, no less) visuals are highly important to telling the story, and as a bonus, those same visuals also make for some awesome toys. Below are five of the best Harry Potter toys and toy lines on the market.

LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO has a monopoly on big-ticket film series these days, and one of their more successful and robust lines flows from the Harry Potter movies. There are 10 playsets in all at the moment, each depicting a different scene from the story with LEGO’s usual flair for simplified detail. (The Knight Bus is a particularly fun set.) Expect a lot of play value from these sets, especially since you can reassemble all of them into absolutely anything you want.

NECA Dementor

The entire NECA toy line for Harry Potter (and, let’s admit it, most other properties) is pretty awesome, and a lot of them are contenders for the top spot on this list. Ultimately, however, the prize has to go to the company’s Dementor action figure, which accurately depicts everything readers came to fear when Harry met a Dementor. Not even the Voldemort figure, which is pretty awesome in its own right, quite manages to outsinister this guy.

Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

The chess scene in the first book was one of the iconic moments of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, so it was only a matter of time before somebody created a chess set people could use at home. The Final Challenge Chess Set is a painstaking recreation of the pieces from the first movie, and though it costs a pretty penny it’s also worth every cent. This is a nice die-cast chess set period, not just one for Harry Potter fans.

Hogwarts Express Electric Train Set

It costs an absolute fortune, as far as Harry Potter merchandise goes, but the Hogwarts Express is a fantastic toy. This meticulously crafted and intricate little train looks just like the Hogwarts Express, can run at a good clip around a track, has realistic moving parts, and even blows its horn every now and then. There are other versions of the Hogwarts Express, but none come close to being as cool as this one.

Sword of Gryffindor

It may not have gotten as much story time as it may have deserved, but the Sword of Gryffindor was an essential cog in the Harry Potter mythos, and it’s a pretty cool piece of weaponry besides. Why not get a movie-accurate recreation of the thing to hang on your wall? You can’t pull it out of a hat, true, but otherwise this is a faithful depiction of the weapon that saved Harry’s backside on multiple occasions. And if you don’t want your child to cut themselves on an actual sword, there’s a nice plastic version that will satisfy younger fans just as well.