Best Soccer Video Games ever

There have been some variety of soccer video games. These games tend to be of a series with updates and sequels. As such, it is worth considering some of the best soccer video game series, and some of their more notable soccer game titles.

Sensible Soccer:

Sensible Soccer is one of the great soccer games and should be included here. It was released in the early ’90s on the Amiga, and set a new standard for soccer games. It featured a top-down perspective of the pitch, and was one of the first to include a variety of teams from a number of leagues. While the original Sensible Soccer game is considered one of the great soccer game titles, it has had numerous sequels. More recent additions include re-makes of Sensible World of Soccer for the Xbox Live and PC.

Championship Manager:

Championship Manager was a soccer game based on the soccer management side of the sport. As such, players were the team managers and not the soccer players. It made its debut around a similar time to Sensible Soccer, and soon emerged as the best soccer management game. Championship Manager included numerical ratings for player attributes such as finishing, passing, dribbling, crossing, tackling etc. In addition to this, it began with largely text-based match engines which were gradually enhanced to include a variety of match stats, and gave players ratings out of 10 with average seasonal ratings. Some of the most notable Championship Manager games include Championship Manager 3 with its extensive player database of real players and variety of leagues. Championship Manager 4 was also another great Championship Manager game, and featured a revamped match engine which included a soccer pitch with player positions, replays of goals, and key moments in games. Today, the Championship Manager games continue with Championship Manager 2010 which has a 3-D match engine. Overall, Championship Manager games have been the best soccer management games.

FIFA soccer games:

The FIFA series of soccer games is perhaps the best established as the series that has an official license from Fifa, and so is allowed the use of real teams and player names. Their partnership with EA (Electronic Arts) has seen some of the most realistic and graphically advanced soccer games. The FIFA soccer game series includes club and national soccer such as 2010 Fifa World Cup Africa, and FIFA 11. These are on the most advanced game consoles so the most recent games certainly feature the most realistic 3-D graphics, and the games are generally some of the best soccer game titles.

These are three of the best soccer game series. Some of their best game titles includes the likes of Sensible Soccer, Championship Manager 4, and FIFA 11 which is currently the most advanced footie game that IGN has rated with an editor’s choice 9.5.