Best Ways to Display Dried Flowers

Have you ever received absolutely gorgeous flowers and as they begin to fade, you wish that you could keep them as a dried bouquet? Well actually you can and you will be turning what some call a dead flower into and beautiful arrangement of dried flowers to continue to have and enjoy.

One suggestion for a nice display choice would be to purchase a larger more intricate vase to display your new arrangement in. You can purchase some green floral foam and some floral crafting clay, to use in your new vase to help hold your bouquet in a more secure and upright position. By using the green floral foam, you will be able to place the flower stems in any pattern you wish, to make the vase appear full and not just in a clumped up bunch.

If you have a more country style kitchen, or have a more romantic area to incorporate some lovely dried flowers. This next idea is very easy and sure to create a conversation topic as well. Once all your flowers have completely dried, (generally by hanging upside down) to ensure the color will remain more true to the natural flower. Using some stylish wide ribbon, cut it long enough to create a nice sized bow and leave a long streamer of the ribbon, when you are done is the idea here.

Holding the grouping of flowers by the stems and upside down, have a friend help by placing the middle of the ribbon you cut to the stems. Wrap both halves around the stems at least once, stopping in the front of the bouquet and finish here by tying a bow and make sure to pull on the loops firmly to ensure that the flowers will not slip out from the ribbon.

Now that you have the ribbon tied to it and a place in mind to display it, simply hang it up by the ribbon on the backside of the bow. If you are going to hang it on the edges of a curtain rod, to lay on the front of the curtains, using the same area of the curtain rod will be relatively easy.

This will add a splash of color and a great new look to the window or wall you have chosen to display your own creation of dried flowers out of some you already love.

If you want to add a little firmness to the flowers, to help keep them together longer, you can lightly spray them with a mist of your favorite hairspray.