Best Websites for Printable Bible Worksheets for Kids

Religious Education is a good subject to teach kids and this can easily be done in the home, in schools and in the church. For those of the Christian faith the stories of the Bible are an excellent way to teach kids about their faith and instill in them some good values. As well as being educational and teaching them to respect their faith, the Bible is full of great stories that kids are sure to enjoy hearing. Using worksheets can be a good way to help with Bible education and there are a number of websites where you can find these. There are many where they can be printed out at no cost and some of the best of these include the following.

DLTK Bible

This is a good website and has a number of different worksheets that are suitable for use by kids. These are available for printing out and some of the worksheets include Bible coloring pages which cover the Old and New Testament. There are a range of pages to choose from each with a Bible verse that a child can learn while they have fun coloring in. Other options include Bible poems and songs which kids can be taught, Bible puzzles and games, Bible crafts and also teacher guides and lesson plans to help teach kids about the Bible. There is a wide variety of activities and worksheets to choose from and this makes it a good website to use.

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Christian Preschool Printables

This site has a range of worksheets and activities that can be used to teach children about the stories of the Bible in a fun and interesting way. There are coloring pages showing scenes from the Bible, puzzle pages, Bible story worksheets, Bible crafts and Bible verse cards. All these are available for printing out. You can also sign up to receive their free newsletter which gives you details of the worksheets they have available and also there is a group site where you can network with other parents and teachers about some of the best ways to educate your child about the Bible.

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A Kid’s Heart

This site provides access to printable Bible study resources and worksheets which cover a number of ways to teach your child about the Christian faith. Some of the available resources include Bible memory verses, Bible coloring pages and Bible Word Puzzles. It also has individual sections on a number of different aspects of the Bible and the Christian faith and this includes the Creation, Nativity, Noah’s Ark and Daniel in the Lion’s Den to name a few. Each of the sections has a number of worksheets for teaching the subject in a fun way for kids. There is a lot to choose from on this website and this makes it a good one to check out.

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Creative Bible Study

This has resources for children of all ages from preschool to youth and this makes it a good site to check out no matter how old your children are. Some of the resources which can be printed out include Bible crafts, Bible memory cards, Bible games and Bible lessons to name a few. The printable activities are appropriate for the age groups they are aimed at and can teach them about the Bible and its stories in an interesting way. There are also printable story books which are a good option to either read to younger kids or let older children read themselves. The site has a lot of activities and worksheets to choose from and this makes it worth having a look at.

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Garden Of Praise

This is another good site which has a wide range of Bible activities and worksheets available to teach children. Some of the resources on offer include stories about Jesus, stories from the Old and New Testament and these can be a good way to get children interested in the Bible. Other resources include teaching worksheets which can include crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles and also Bible lessons and tests. There are a variety of options for teaching about the Bible in interesting, fun and creative ways and this should help to engage a child’s mind and get them wanting to learn more. This makes it a good website to visit.

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Learning about the bible and the many stories it holds can be a good way to teach children some good values. It can be used for any age of kid’s from preschool upwards and the websites above provide a range of interesting and fun ways for kids to learn about the Bible. Most of the activities and worksheets on these sites can be printed out at no cost for use in the classroom or home. This makes them worth checking out if you want to teach kids some Religious Education.