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Bible Worksheets for Children

The Bible is knowledge, lessons, verses, stories and meaning. If your children attend Sunday school, you run one or you teach your children at home, it is common knowledge that children learn through fun activities. Free printable worksheets simplify lessons, teachings and stories. This encourages a child’s brain to retain more information, fun and creativity helps hold concentration and interest.

Puzzles, word searches, crosswords and other such activities help maintain a healthy brain. The following websites offer free down-loadable worksheets that incorporate Bible verses and stories. Each worksheet has been created with children in mind to use as fun learning aids. Once downloaded, save them to a file on your computer hard drive. This will enable you to print them off as and when they are needed.

Restored Church of God

This site offers seven levels of learning, each containing 12 lessons. As the children progress through the stages, lessons become more detailed and in depth. They are intended to ease children into understanding. Asking questions will engage their interest, bringing the Bible stories to life. These worksheets are in PDF format, most computers have the correct software to view them. If you haven’t or are unsure, Adobe reader is free and is intended for this purpose.

Kids Bible Work Sheets

Crosswords of various sizes and difficulty incorporate characters from the Bible. These include Jesus, Moses, Noah, Jonah, and also events that that took place. Other puzzles include Mazes, children can lead Noah to his Ark, Moses to the Burning Bush and David to Goliath. They also offer worksheets for the elder children, crosswords that include topics such as The Commandments, People who saw Jesus and the Last Supper, also word scrambles and cryptograms.

Calvary Williams

Calvary Williams has a huge selection of worksheets to print. A PDF viewer is required to view these once downloaded. Flash cards that depict nine familiar Biblical stories can be used to explain events and encourage discussions and questions. There are school learning worksheets that are Bible orientated, they include the alphabet, spellings and numbers. Children will enjoy expressing themselves with Joseph themed colouring pages and a Bible alphabet set of worksheets. Also, crosswords and word searches, lesson quizzes, colouring pages and activities from the book of Exodus. Plus, crafts, prayers, jigsaw puzzles and games will keep them learning and entertained for a long time.


The Bible themed word lists offered on this site are very useful. Topics covered are, Creation, Christmas, Easter, Moses and Noah. Children can use these worksheets to research and discuss the various meanings of each Biblical event. Words, speech and grammar are very important aspects of communication and expression. Use the sentence structure cards to broaden children’s ability to combine verbs, nouns and adjectives. There are also a variety of word searches, anagrams, crosswords, cryptograms and mazes.

Preschool Sunday School

Print out the collection of memory verse cards, 46 in total. Use them to help children remember valuable Bible verses, offer them the blank template to create some of their own. Preschool children will enjoy some of the Bible puzzles, recognising some of the popular bible story scenes. Colouring pages and activities help children remember biblical principals and Christian values. Hidden pictures, spot the difference, connect the dots, draw the missing half and cut and paste activities can be used for this purpose.

Children enjoy learning just as much as they like to have fun. If you combine the two, you are onto a winning formula. Free printable worksheets have only a small cost, ink and paper, but their value is worth much more. The children can be proud of their hard work. They can take them home, keep them in a folder and look back at them at any given time. Knowledge is a powerful, valuable and inexpensive gift. One that every child is entitled to.

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