Board Game Reviews Guess who

Guess Who? is a wonderful board game that hearkens many people back to the innocence of childhood. Guess Who? is a guessing game in which players begin with images of 24 people, and ask a series of questions to their opponent in order to eliminate options and find out who the opponent has chosen. While this game was originally manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979, it is still a great game today.

One of the reasons that Guess Who? is such an enjoyable board game is that it involves logic, intelligence, and strategy. Each player can look at the different images of different men and women with their first names. Looking at the board, they have to think logically about which player would be the best to choose. Would a man with glasses be a wise choice, or is that too rare? Would a woman with blonde hair be a better option? Before the guessing even begins, critical thinking strategies are required.

Players must also use intelligent guesses to produce more effective results. For example, asking the question: Does your player have facial hair can potentially be a more effective question than asking is your player a man? If you are correct, you will be able to eliminate all women and clean shaven men. While this guess can also produce negative consequences, it is still an intelligent starting point to begin thinking about the strategy of this game.

Guess Who? is also entertaining simply because of the hilarity of the characters themselves. The characters include a woman with curlers in her hair named Victoria, a bald man named Jonathan, and man with retro glasses named Richard S. (there are two Richards in many versions). Each character brings unique style to the game, and makes for a lot of fun.

While this game is fun for two people, it is not perfect. If you have several friends over, this game is not particularly appealing. Nobody enjoys waiting their turn to play a game, when there are other games such as Monopoly that can include more players. In addition, for those individuals who love logic games, chess may be a more challenging and advanced alternative.

Nevertheless, Guess Who? is a great board game that has stood the test of time. Its universal appeal as a board game for children continues to this day, and conjures up nostalgic memories for anybody who has grown up playing Guess Who?.