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Board Game Reviews Risk 2210ad

Risk 2210AD takes the classic game of global domination to a whole new level, with an amazingly-designed map of the Earth of the future and hundreds of robotic units to take to the battlefield to claim the blasted surface of the planet, underwater cities, and even the Moon!

Risk 2210AD plays in exactly the same way as Risk, but with cooler units (space stations!), more territories to fight over, and a system of energy points, commanders and Command Cards that add an extra dimension to the original.

The board oozes atmosphere, most of the territories having names that hint brilliantly at its history (Greenland, for example, is now the Exiled States of America), and the art throughout is flawless.

The units of the game are called MODs, or Machines of Destruction, and the playing pieces are well-designed mechs in a variety of sizes to represent different amounts of units. The five commanders are central to Risk 2210AD, giving your troops extra abilities (letting them go underwater, or into space via a space station), providing an extra kick in combat, and allowing you to purchase Command Cards from each of the decks: Land, Diplomat, Naval, Space, and Nuclear. These cards grant you new abilities, which range in effect from granting extra Victory Points (determining who wins the game), declaring Ceasefires, creating extra MODs, setting Land Death Traps, and launching devastating nuclear strikes. There are even nuclear devastation counters that are randomly placed at the beginning of the game, making whole territories impassable and altering the flow of the game.

Energy points provide the economy of the game, being received at the same rate as reinforcement MODs at the beginning of each turn. They are used for bidding for turn order (choose wisely: do you want to go first and get the jump on your enemies, or bide your time and see what they do first?), buying commanders, space stations and Command Cards, and for activating the abilities of these cards.

One last thing in terms of gameplay. There are only five turns in the whole game.
Though this might sound short, if you actually think about mammoth games of Risk you’ll probably realise that you never really get beyond five turns anyway, and in Risk 2210AD it gives you a definite time limit on which to base your strategies.

And if any (or all) of these rules are too much for you, or too complicated for younger players, then you can pick and choose, or play with the standard Risk rules but with cooler playing pieces!

With all these awesome options added to Risk’s classic charm and devious scheming, there really is no reason not to buy this game, especially when its only competition comes from shallow film tie-ins like the Transformers and Star Wars Risks.

Risk 2210AD is a beautifully-presented, brilliantly-executed game, and a worthy successor to the original. Gather your mods. Hire your commanders. Then ready your nukes. For global domination… and beyond!

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