Board Games are Cool – No

It is a big problem of our time that everything becomes digital. This makes us even more sick than we would have been without the computers. We think everything can be digital today and that the digital will replace everything. This is sick. Of course, board games will still be there despite video games. There are limits to how many hours one will look at a screen every day. One has to do other things also. 

When away from computers it is good to do something else. The virtual and the digital cannot replace everything. We still need to feel and touch things. Board games are a great art and it is almost certain that the board game will be here for a long time. There is no need to believe that video games can replace the board game. 

Video games are very cool. They contain endless virtual worlds and many hours can be spent playing these games. However, the board game is also very interesting. There is still a great interest in board games and this interest is founded in an understanding of the art of the board game. 

It takes artistic skill to design a board game. Once the rules of the game have been learned there is great options of having fun with the game. The video game is to a large extent a solitary game. One can play it alone for hours. Typically one plays the board game with a friend. The board game also has a social dimension. 

Moreover, dungeons and dragons is an example of a hybrid game that exists both virtually and as a board game. World of Warcraft is very popular but so is the dungeon and dragon game where one has real figures and one moves them around on a real board. Of course chess has to a large extent been ruined by computers because computers have figured out the right moves and therefore chess is not very interesting anymore. However, there are other great board games that are not ruined by computers. Backgammon for example is not ruined by computers. Backgammon is still a great game. There are still great skill games that can be played despite the digital world of computer games. Trivia games are also very popular today. Crossword puzzles are also popular. The digital cannot replace everything. The board game will be here for a long time.