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Board games are more entertaining than video games because more can play. A board game can include the entire family. Most video games I have seen are for one or two players at a time.

Board games may seem old fashioned to today’s youth. They are used to the dimensional colorful graphics of video games. Players can get lost in a video game. When I have watched any of my sons playing a video game whether it be on a computer or a Play Station, they have zoned out and don’t know half of what I may have said to them. It takes tremendous concentration while playing video games. The player hardly ever talks to anyone. While playing a board game, there is lots of laughter and conversation. Board games are a great entertainment and can make a family closer.

My kids had a creative teacher that had her students invent their own board games which they constructed. They had a great time making them and bringing them home to play them with me. They appreciated board games more after making one.

In the 1960s before video games even were thought of,my brother and I found a great summer pastime, Saturday afternoon or family evening entertainment to be playing board games. We found Parcheesi, Clue, and Monopoly to be our favorites.

Encouraging young children to play board games help them learn to take turns, cooperate, learn to lose and not get upset.

If you like garage sales or Goodwill stores, you can find vintage games that you may never have seen before that are fun to take home and try out. You can buy games on Ebay as well. where you can find all kinds of older and newer ones. Looking for old games can also be full of nostalgia as you find one you haven’t see in years. Just be sure to check if the game has directions and all the pieces.

Video games seem to become outdated to video game enthusiasts as the newest system comes out. You can certainly see during the holiday season that many consumers(mostly kids) have suddenly lost interest in the system they have had and feel they have to have the newest system.

Board games don’t go out of style like the video games. Many board games have been around for decades and are still popular. Our grandparents enjoyed some of the same games your children may enjoy.

The last point I am going to make is that of cost. Entertainment does not have to be expensive. Board games are not expensive where as video games and video game systems are.